[ART] Venture the Silk Road

Merchants, soldiers, horsemen, princesses, monks, courtesans, artists and thieves alike had to survive during their travels across this ancient route. Many adventures were had and many tales were told. If your persona was to make the journey, how would you dress, hunt for your meals and tell your story? In other words, how would your persona live daily life while on caravan?

Their Excellencies invite you to display and demonstrate your Hunter/Huntress persona in an Arts & Sciences Competition that challenges your ventures on the Silk Road. It will be judged using criteria found on this website: www.huntguild.org.

Classes are designed to set the mood for venturing the Silk Road as will tournaments in archery, bardic arts, chivalric fighting, equestrian, fencing; and, there will be a Silk Road (from east to west) feast. The Baronial Equestrian Champion will be determined on Saturday and a "Defend the Oasis" battle will take place on Sunday to determine the best little defending army. Hounds will lure-course, youth will make joyous noises; and if you have time to relax, visit Baumgartner Hot Springs - mile away. Potable water and trash dumpsters are on site, and above ground fires and tiki torches are allowed (fire restrictions permitting). To learn more about this event, go to www.barony-of-arnhold.org.

Get to Mountain Home, Idaho, on I-84 east of Boise. Take Hwy 20 north to the Pine/Featherville exit and go north all the way to Featherville. This is a 45 minutes drive on pavement that turns into a dirt road for another 10 miles. Drive to Kelly Creek Flats Camping area. Follow the sign to the group camping on the far side of the campground.

Site Fee: $6 for each person at the gate regardless if camping or not. Youth under 10 years of age are half price. The family cap is $24. Non-members will be charge a $3 surcharge. Smoking in designated areas only; fire extinguishers recommended. No showers.

Feast: reservation?s deadline is July 4th. There will be a pre-registration and volunteer?s drawing? tickets available at the gate. Make checks payable to the Barony of Arn Hold, SCA and mail pre-registration checks to: Willa Rose 8894 W. Martha Ave. Oasis, ID 83647.

WARNING: This is an equestrian site. What does that mean besides having to sign the equestrian waiver at the gate? It means, horses are a main part of this event and you may have to deal with a little horse poop in the road until it gets picked up. Also, it means there will be horse traffic, and the opportunity to get close to the horses. If horses are approaching you, step out of the way and let them pass. Please do not let children run up to pet one. Visit them in the stabling area. If they are behind a fence, it probably is electrified, ouch! They like cut up apples and bite sized carrots, but please before feeding any horse, ask permission first.

Event Stewards:
Muallemah Yaasamiin yaasamiina@rmci.net
Gebieder Marten Claessen van den Ruyssevelt kenshifencer@hotmail.com

Class & Merchant Steward:
Lady Lysette d?Evreaux hamilton_blodgett@hotmail.com Location:
Barony of Arnhold (Mountain Home, Idaho)