SCA Heavy Cavalry

Sir Morgan of the Kingdom of Ansteorra has announced that he has created a new discussion list for motorcycle enthusiasts in that Kingdom. The SCA Heavy Cavalry is on Google Groups.

Sir Morgan writes:

Hello my friends! If you're not a motorcycle enthusiast, feel free to ignore this missive. If you know of a motorcycle enthusiast feel free to forward this along.

Sior Tomas and I were talking one day not too long ago about our shared enthusiasm for both the SCA and motorcycles, and we started to realize that there are a lot more of us out there than we at first realized. So we did want any normal SCAdian would do... we started an email group. LOL

So simply stated, if you're in the SCA AND a motorcycle enthusiast, and you're interested in a low volume list to discuss bikes and potentially organize some rides with other SCAdians, and maybe even TO SCA events now and then, feel free to join us! We have members on the list already from Tulsa to Houston.

This list is on google groups. If you use a gmail address, it is a bit easier to use google groups, and you can probably send a join request yourself, which Tomas or I will approve shortly. Just tell us who you are (sca and legal name), sca group in which you reside, and what kind of bike you have or ride.

If you don't use google and/or gmail already, it would probably be easier if I sent you an invite. So just reply to me privately with the same info above @ and I'll send you an invite.

I thank you for your time and consideration!

Sir Morgan


The SCA Heavy Cav list is open to ALL SCAdians who are motorcycle enthusiasts, not just ones from Ansteorra. We have an Ansteorra-specific list for that purpose. Please feel free to email me if you want details. you can go to the link below to subscribe, as well.

Sir Morgan Buchanan