[AET] Will's Revenge XV

Will's Revenge is Back! We will be hosting Will's Revenge at Camp Karoondinha in Milmont, PA. We are planning Archery, Merchants, Archery, Feast, Archery, and more Archery! We're looking at Regular ranges, novice ranges, children's ranges, difficult ranges, night shoot, royal rounds, novelty shoots and a lake shoot. In addition, we're planning a thrown weapons event! An Atlatl range! (What's an Atlatl range?, come and find out!) We will start shooting Saturday morning and go until the range runners get tired! Then, we'll feast and do it again! Don't get me wrong. Royal Rounds are useful tools for training, practice, and establishing a ranking order for the Kingdom's archers, but there was so much more a period archer needed to be able to do with a bow! This challenge will explore some other skills from cadence shooting, to shooting from horseback, to shooting moving targets, to shooting from the middle of a river ford. (Relax, no water is involved!) And just so the range doesn't look too odd, we are using concentric circle targets and scoring your efforts. This range will open Saturday morning. You will need at least 6 arrows to participate. All skills and ages are welcome. Shooting will continue Sunday morning. Scores on your first shoot-through will be used for competition. Repeating the course will be at the marshal's discretion. First time archers will be given preference, of course.

Will's Revenge Night Shoot
The Black Death has apparently already ravaged the surrounding towns, because plague victims are wandering into our shire, shambling about the place and scaring the livestock. We humbly beg your aid in ridding the woods of this menace of unwanted nocturnal visitors infected with the Black Plague. This course will be shot Friday night at dark o'clock. Listen for the Heralds to announce the shoot! We will run the range as long as the torch fuel lasts and archers want to poke holes in plague victims. The course is shot by torch light, but we encourage the use of flashlights, lanterns, and seeing eye dogs to aid in the finding of arrows. You will not need more than 6 arrows. Please wear sturdy footwear as walking in the woods at night can be difficult. The trail will be somewhat lit. All skills and ages welcome.

Ironman Challenge
Contrary to the name, you don't have to be either a man or made of iron to shoot this course, but be prepared for a challenge! The target sets are difficult and you will be allowed only 2 arrows for the entire course. The range is capped by an appearance of Iron Will, the mascot of Will's Revenge. This range will open Saturday morning. All skill levels and ages are welcome, but be warned that the targets are neither large nor easy! Scores will be kept. The trail the course follows is mildly steep in places and good footwear is recommended.

Lake Shoot
Death hoves to shore on black billow and fell clouds Riding the steep bleak winds to chill to the marrow. Fear thee, o moral man and woman of dust borne And put not Life's faith solely upon clothe-yard arrow. Okay, it may not be that bad. But you will have the opportunity to meet Death at the shore. Maybe arrows can't stop him, but we can make him feel unwelcome! How often do you get the chance to loose shafts into a lake? (For Arthurian folks, we gave the Lady the day off and she is off-site and safe.) This shoot is scheduled for Saturday evening. Archers will be called to the shore near the feast hall. Shoot as many arrows as you wish, but if you wish them BACK, please shoot only wooden arrows! (They float) Arrows will be recovered and returned by appointed water skimmers. All ages and skill levels welcome as well as the good gentles wishing to fling atlatl darts!

Crossbow Clinic
Master Denys the Decadent is offering the chance to test your skill with the crossbow at several fun challenges including the classic William Tell shoot. Come and shoot or ask for a chance to try out a period crossbow if you're not blessed with a crossbow of your own. Range will be open during the day Saturday. All ages and skill levels welcome. Come and ask questions, Denys is the best!

Atlatl Toss
What is an atlatl? Besides a lot of fun. it's a weapon system that predates the bow but was effective enough to stop everything from woolly mammoths to Spaniards. We have a dearth of mammoths but the area is plagued but giant rats and what a better way to practice tossing darts than to sling them at rodents of unusual size! Demo, challenges, practice, and instruction available from Lady Anlaith. Range open through the day Saturday. All ages and skill levels are encouraged to come and try the atlatl. It's easier than it looks and lots of fun! Some loaner gear is available.

Memorial Tourney
If you have traveled Aethelmearc, attended Pennsic, enjoyed a nip here or there or more importantly shot archery within Aethelmearc, the chances are you crossed paths with The Honorable Lord Ulric Wulfricson. His Lordship left us to our own devices when in December he took his talents and skills to assist Odin in running Valhalla. Those of us close to him were proud to call him brother, and wish to honor the memory of one who was always helping someone; to that end we wish to announce an Ulric memorial shoot at Will's revenge; one that will challenge your skill and honor our friend.

Other Attractions
In addition to all that archery, we will be hosting a Gold Chain Tournament, a Gage Tournament, an Atlatl range as well as heavy weapons. Our theme for Will's XIIII is the Black Death! Guests will receive tokens upon registering onsite. A random number of those tokens will be marked. Those persons receiving a "marked" token will have contracted the Black Death. We'd love our attendees to play this out over the course of the weekend. What would you look like if you had the plague? This is a great opportunity for the creative among us to put their worst foot forward!

The Site is Boy Scout Camp Karoondinha. Site opens at 6pm on Friday and closes at noon on Sunday. The site now has hot showers and flush toilets. (There have been numerous improvements.) Because wooded paths are not well lit, please bring a portable light for safe traveling at night. Accommodations

There are 3 heated dormitory-style cabins with bunk beds and mattresses. There is no additional charge for cabin space! These cabins have kitchenettes for those who wish to prepare their own food; please bring your own cooking and cleanup supplies. We will be happy to save a bunk for you if you tell us to do so with your registration; be sure to send your reservations in early, as the bunks spaces go fast! Two of the cabins are located near the feast hall, one is near the archery range, please indicate your preference, and we will try to accommodate your needs. Groups wishing to stay in the same cabin are encouraged to reserve together. Cabins should be vacated by noon on Sunday to allow time for clean up. There is also ample space for tents; the site offers acres of wooded tenting areas as well as some open space for large pavilions.

The Boy Scouts have a strict no alcohol policy for those who use the camp. Please do not jeopardize our future use of the site by violating their policy. If we find that you have alcohol, you will be asked to leave the site with no refund.

Merchants are welcome to attend and should contact our autocrat for details.

Our theme for feast and hall is the Black Death. Please contact our Feastocrat, Leioolfr Grimr, with any dietary concerns. Feast will be limited to 100!

From the East and North: Find your best route to Route 210. Take Exit 212A, Route 15 South to Lewisburg. Proceed to, right turn onto Route 45 West * Proceed west on Route 45 West, passing through the towns of Mifflinburg and Hartleton (beware of speed traps!).

** At the intersection of Route 235 South, turn left. (SCA signs will be posted from this point.) From this turn, follow signs for 235 South for approximately 3 miles through Laurelton (last chance for food, gas, and ATM) and Glen Iron. The road makes several 90-degree turns; just before the last one, you will pass the West End Fire Company on your left. Turn right onto Creek Road at the 4-way intersection past this last 90-degree turn. Penn's Creek should be on your left. Stay on this road for approximately three miles; you will pass a large 3 story stone house with three arches, on your right, at this point you are about one mile from the Camp. After you pass Penn's Creek Campground on your right, turn right at the sign for Thomas Dam Road/Boy Scout Camp. Camp Karoondinha is on the left, up the hill. Troll will be located at the Dining Hall; look for the Troll sign.

From the South: Find best route to 15 North. In Lewisburg, turn left at the second light onto Route 45 West. Follow from * above.

From the West: Find your best route to Route 45 East. Follow Route 45 East through the Hairy Johns State Forest. Just past the Laurelton State School (there will be many large stone buildings and well kept ground on the left), turn right onto Route 235 South. Follow from ** above.

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