[LOC] King Salamander and Isabella's Birthday Bash

On the weekend of the 10-11th May we are holding the King Salamander and Isabella's Birthday Bash and Camping event.

It will be held at Crossroads Medieval Village site near Yass and if you don't feel like camping we can provide some accommodation with the populace. The event will be filled with collegia at this stage on: cooking feasts in earth ovens (Baron Bastian de Grosse), pottery making (Master Alex the Potter) and tent making - discussion of the trials and tribulations of period tent making. There will be archery and - if enough fighters are present- a small tourney. At night we plan to have a Bardic circle. All meals are included - Saturday lunch and feast that night, breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

Cost is $25 per day. Bookings to Lady Isabella de Bordeaux. lynisabella@swiftdsl.com.au Location:
Shire of Torlyon (Yass, New South Wales)