[WES] Winter's Gate Spring Pas

The Sun is returning and the gates of winter are swinging shut. We invite you to revel in the returning warmth of spring. We will start the day with a show of Prowess, Chivalry and Honor as we invite those fighters among us to challenge themselves and others upon the field of battle.

The first part of the day will involve the Tourney for the Champion of the College of St. Boniface. This tourney is open to all fighters who are willing to help the College in thought, word and deed and who is either a part of the Barony, or have chosen a consort from this Barony.

The list will open promptly at 10am, and the tourney will start at 11am SHARP. The tourney will be immediately followed by a Pas de Arms that is open to ALL fighters from wherever they hail. Please bring your pageantry, your sense of Honor, and join others of like mind on the field where you will have the ability to challenge and be challenged. We ask all others to help fill our Gallery and be as much a part of the Pas as the fighters are. The Gallery will have the joy of choosing the best death, the best introduction, best appearance, as well as a host of other pleasurable pursuits. Bring tokens to give to fighters that impress you (there will be some tokens available, but more is always better!).

We invite EVERYONE to bring banners, flags, flowers and other items to enliven the display and help brighten the day!

The tourney and Pas are not the only activities for the day. There will be a discussion held by Mistress Magdalena on "what is Chivalry?", there will also be illumination of cards with Her Highness Gwyneth, and a Hacky sack making activity for the children, also held by Her Highness.

At 5pm will begin the Foolishness that spring sun brings upon us. We welcome all to join in the fun that can be found in silliness! From 5pm on through dinner and to the end, we would like to see revelry! During dinner there will be a Most Outrageous Silly Garb Contest, an A&S contest on feathers used in a period style, and a contest for unusual desserts made to look like other things (like stained glass cookies, marzipan shaped like animals etc). Of course there will be the contest for our New Baronial Fool (watch the list for details)! Dinner is a potluck feast. For each adult attending, please bring a dish that serves at least 8 people. Use your imagination folks' potlucks are a great time to try neat recipes and to look for period ones. There will be SHORT Baronial court after dinner, and that will be followed by Bardic and possibly dancing.

PLEASE RSVP for this event. If you are a fighter planning on attending, please contact the Autocrat no later than two weeks before the event - if so, then you will have a shield painted with your device (registered or not - whatever you would like to use) that will be used as part of the Shield Tree. If you RSVP less than two weeks ahead, we cannot guarantee that we will have time to make you a painted shield. There will be blanks available on site - but don't you want a pretty one?

If you are a rapier fighter, please RSVP also��if we can get enough of you as well, we will set up a second field for a Rapier Pas. The more the Merrier!!

One last note for traveling fighters - Fighter Practice is held on Sundays from 11am till 3pm. If you are visiting, perhaps you would like to play then as well?

If you need housing, have questions, or even suggestions, please contact the Autocrat.

Site Information: Earl and Pat Cook Council Service Center at 1400 Gillam Way, Fairbanks AK 99701, site opens at 10am and closes at 11pm. This site is DRY!

Site fees, $7 for members $10 for non members, children 12 and under are free. Please make checks payable to "SCA, Inc.- Barony of Winter's Gate."

Autocrat: Margery Garret motherchaos@gci.net

Directions: From the Airport/College direction��take Airport Rd to Gillam, turn right on Gillam past the pawn shop and Spirit of Alaska Credit Union. The Scout Center will be in front of you to the right. Location:
Barony of Winter's Gate (Fairbanks, Alaska)