[OUT] Dark Ages Picnic

Dark Ages Picnic: Plague, Punishment and Pleasure (a Dragonspine *non*-event) May 18th 10 am - till the plague takes us all. Bear Creek Park, Bear Creek Park Pavilion 6 Argus and 21st, Colorado Springs, CO (fighter practice location) Admission: Free

Come experience the one aspect of the Middle Ages we normally avoid. THE PLAGUE.

Who says dieing of flesh eating disease can't be fun.

The Plague fairy will be sneaking throughout the event infecting all who come within her reach. The kids will be making dirt pudding and then having an eating contest (yep this is the one time you CAN eat dirt and mom will not get mad!).

The highlight of the day will be the food. It will be Potluck style, tons of food that may not 'appear' appetizing, but will delight the senses. The gross out potluck gives us all the opportunity to bring those "interesting" dishes.

  • Moldy bread (bread with food colored butter)
  • Dirt Pudding (Oreo cookies, gummy worms and chocolate pudding)
  • Snake eyes and glue (tapioca pudding)
  • Severed Hand Cake (use your imagination!)

The Tyrants of the day (our very own Baron and Baroness) will decide which dish appears the most disgusting.

The Tyrants will not only be participating in the food of the day, they will also be looking for peasants that require punishment. Why would they need punishment? Because the Tyrants feel like it!!! Punishment might include a stint in an iron cage (yes you will fit!), a visit to the stockades, maybe even an introduction to one of the henchmen, or the chopping block!!!

Well then join us on May 18th to find your answers and have a wonderfully diseased time.

This is a non-sca sanctioned event, just a time to gather and enjoy ourselves. Questions? Contact Key tylerjn@d11.org Location:
Barony of Dragonspine (Colorado Springs, Colorado)