[GLE] Forest Maiden

A call goes out for all noble fighters to take part in a Heroic Tourney and vie to claim for their consort the title of "Forest Maiden".

The snows have melted; the sweltering heat has yet to arrive. It is time for a Pilgrimage.

The Shire of Blackmoor Keep welcomes you to Northern Spain where, in a tradition dating back to the 8th Century, Santiago de Compostela is the destination of pilgrims. For the early Romans, it marks the Western end of the World, where land ends at the Sea of Darkness (the Atlantic). For the Celts the site is the point at which the sun sets. Christians journey here paying homage at this repository of the bones of Saint James.

We are well pleased that this year's Forest Maiden Tourney will be a competition on the Tournament of Champions List. This heavy weapons tournament shall be Double Elimination, Best 2 of 3, Alternating Weapons Styles. Fighters shall present a List Tree Shield to the list mistress and acknowledge their Consort to the Assembled Galleries.

Ladies, please be agreeable to accept the request to be a fighter's consort for the list. A Consort is required for entry to the competition and could be required unexpectedly . The Consort of the winning fighter will be named Forest Maiden.

Competitions include:
Heavy, Rapier, and Youth Combat Lists.

Best Heraldic Display

Arts and Sciences
Two Categories: Open and Pilgrim Badges

Pilgrim Badges may be of period or a representation of an SCA person or place. Documentation is encouraged but not required. A short written explanation of each token is requested.

A Pilgrim's verse, perhaps an account of a miracle attributed to a pilgrimage, or words in praise of Blackmoor, the Forest Maiden or Brother Guido. Please provide a written copy of your entry.

Children's Activities
Contests of skill & cunning
A Baroness Barbara Quest
Tales of high adventure in the SCA and a Guessing Game.

Expect a tasty feast with a Spanish flair

Remembering the Moorish Peoples of Spain, there will be drums and belly dancing following feast. It is our wish that many drums be heard.

Traveler’s fare Friday evening, breakfast, fundraiser lunch by Crimson Chimera.

Site is discretely wet. Proper disposal please.

Merchants Welcome
No Pets

The site of Blackmoor's Pilgrimage will be the Kiwanis Camp in Pineville, LA

Kiwanis Camp, 159 Kiwanis Camp Road - Pineville LA 71360

Directions: Take best route to I-49. From North or South, take the Pineville Expressway Exit (Hwy. 167N). to the Tioga Exit. Turn right (North). Go to the second red light. Turn Left, cross over the Expressway, then take the first road to the right. Site will be on the Left. Look for the SCA signs.

Site opens at 5 pm Friday and closes at 11am Sunday.

Bed & feast $20 - Tenting & Feast $17 - Daytrip & Feast $15
Off-board (no meals included) deduct $4. Non-member adults add $3.
Youth 7-12 $11 Children 6 and under are free w/o bed.
No family shall pay a site fee higher than three adult members, as long as children are 15 and under and have memberships.
Make checks payable to SCA Inc. Shire of Blackmoor Keep.

Senor Mateo Lopez, Jonathan Lopez - mateo_stikjok@yahoo.com

Baron Nigel de Rothewelle - georgetip1@yahoo.com

Feast Steward:
William Broddi of Lancaster - broddi781@aol.com

Privy Warden Contest was won by Sir Sa'ad ibn Yuself al Hilal

http://www.brotherguido.com/favor/ Location:
Shire of Blackmoor Keep (Pineville, Louisiana)