Living in period style

Toward a (More) Period Encampment, an article on the Dragonwing website, discusses how striving for a more period encampment can be a rewarding experience.

From the article:

"Like nearly everything else in the SCA, there are degrees to which authenticity be taken. For some folks, it's not a big priority. They don't mind sleeping in a dome tent and cooking on a propane stove set up outside, and they happily set up camp where it won't be seen from the main tourney ground. For others, it's a vital component of the SCA and without it, events would not be worth going to. Everybody else is somewhere in between. At the very least, we should all realize that we're bound to intrude on somebody else's "theater set" from time to time and we should look the part, drinking from a mug instead of a beer bottle and leaving the iPod back at camp."