[ATL] Pas du Foret Mysterieux

In 1455, Baron Gaston of Windmasters' Hill traveled on a diplomatic visit to Barcelona. Here, he and his inspiration, Baroness Rosalind Delamere, have declared that they and their chosen Tenans will defend the Mysterious Forest from all Venans (Challengers). In the Barony of Windmasters' Hill on the 14th day of June, shall the lists be erected with a pine tree with golden fir cones on one end.

Their Excellencies invite all Challengers (rapier and armoured) to a Grand Pas. Friday night the celebrations will begin with a Torchlight Ball. For, if you do not yet have a consort, here might you find one.

After the day breaks on Saturday, those who participate in rapier combat shall challenge one another in a tournament followed by a Grand Melee. There shall then be a respite and then those of armoured skill will take their place upon the field and prove their worthiness prior to to a Grand Melee.

All will be followed by a sumptuous feast in the evening. Additionally, we invite those of artistic inclination to share their work and join us for various activities, including an Artisan's Row.

Website: http://www.windmasterhill.org/pas

Martial Activities: All participants (armoured and rapier) shall conduct themselves with the utmost care to advance the ideals of chivalry. Each will be announced as they seek entry into the Pas. You are encouraged to bring your own herald, banners, etc. to make your presence known and add to the day's pageantry. There shall be single rounds of combat both at the barrier and one against the other. At the end of the day, a grand melee shall commence. For more information about weapons and armour requirements, as well as a more detailed description of the tournament, please see the event website or contact the Marshal in Charge, Mestre Callistus Gill (callixtus.gill@gmail.com ).

Arts & Sciences Activities: Lady Trephina la Broderesse is in charge of A&S activities, which includes an Artisan's Row and other Pas-related activities, which will be posted on the website. If you are interested in participating in Artisan's Row, please contact her at: trephina@gmail.com

Farm Ventures, (Pearson County Group Homes) 363 Jerry Dixon Road, Leasburg, NC 27291

Site Restrictions: The site is dry. Camping is encouraged. Period pavilions will be placed at the tournament field. Well supervised dogs on leads are permitted.

Feast Information: Mistress Clare de Crecy and her talented staff shall prepare Saturday evening's feast. Seating will be limited to 80, so please reserve early. All seats are $7.00 regardless of age. Please contact Clare with any dietary concerns (tjustus@sprynet.com). A menu will be posted on the website.

Merchanting Information: All merchants should contact Lady Tessa de Spina (janandtessaATwildblueDOTnet) to make arrangements.

Other Information: Children's Corner Officer: Senora Mariana de Salamanca, fiberferret@gmail.com Please remember that children must be signed in and out of the Children's Corner and that you need a notarized medical waiver and minor waiver form to bring any children NOT YOUR OWN. These documents can be found at http://www.sca.org./docs/welcome.html.

Please do not call any staff member later than 9 PM unless otherwise stated.

Autocrat's Information: Lyenya Allain E-mail: scubagirlva@yahoo.com

Reservations: Rhieinwylydd verch Einon Llanaelhaearn E-mail: ladyrae966@gmail.com

Directions: From Washington/Richmond: From I-85 South take exit 12 to US58 West at South Hill, VA. Continue on US58 3 miles past Clarksville, VA to VA/NC49 South. Take Rt49 to Roxboro, NC, and follow the directions from * below.

From Raleigh/Durham: Take I-85/US70 to US501 North (Exit 176). Follow US501 to Roxboro, NC, and follow the directions from * below.

* From Roxboro take US158 West for approximately 8 miles to Ralph Winstead Rd. Turn right and go 1.2 miles to Jerry Dixon Rd. Turn left and go to the end. Follow the SCA signs.

From Charlottesville/Lynchburg: Take US29 South to Danville, VA. Exit US29 onto VA/NC86 South. Take Rt86 to Yanceyville, NC and follow the directions from # below.

From Charlotte/Greensboro: Take US29 north from Greensboro to Reidsville, NC. Exit US 29 onto US158 East. Follow US158 to Yanceyville, NC, and follow the directions from # below.

# From Yanceyville take/continue on US158 East approximately 8.5 miles to Ralph Winstead Rd. Turn left and go 1.2 miles to Jerry Dixon Rd. Turn left and go to the end. Follow the SCA signs. Location:
Barony of Windmaster's Hill (Leasburg, North Carolina)