Was Chaucer Murdered?

History News Network: A new book by Terry Jones and Dr. Alan Fletcher implies the author may have been murdered for his religious and political beliefs. Who Murdered Chaucer? a new book by professor of medieval studies Dr. Alan Fletcher and Terry Jones (yes, that Terry Jones!) implies that Chaucer may have been resented by Thomas Arundel, the Archbishop of Canterbury, for his protrayal of church figures in The Canterbury Tales.

According to Fletcher, "Chaucer was under a very dark cloud indeed. The regime was against him. It is quite possible that he was just quietly shut up, as it was more convenient to have him out of the way than around."

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Great harumpfer strikes again

Hmmm, letsee, da guy writes the general retraction and apoligia for his earlier works, and is at work, at a very advanced age, mind you, attempting to finish the tales with items of support of both king and church when he succumed to the apparent effects of old age after a hard life. While his major supporters, like Gaunt, were gone, it hardly seems likely that the King would resort to killing this VERY POPULAR man who was willing to do whatever need be to support the new monarch. Next: Who Murdered "Eve" - aka fossilized homo ? remnants #6488643-a, Leaky Museum, Kennya.....