[ATL] Barony of Ponte Alto's A&S Practice

Please attend the Barony of Ponte Alto's A&S / Practice next Sunday April 20th from 1:30pm to 4:30pm at Lemon Road Elementary in Falls Church, VA to share lucet techniques, learn tips-n-tricks, and play with string on a Sunday afternoon! (( See below for address and directions ))

What is lucet cord? In short, a strong cord made by looping thin string over a two-prong tool. Common uses in the SCA include cording / lacing for garments, drawstrings, and so on. For a quick overview of lucet, please see Phiala's String Page: http://www.stringpage.com/lucet/lucet.html

For those interested in trying their hand at lucet cord, I am bringing a few lucets of various styles -- including a double lucet -- and a selection of fibers for you to try for the afternoon. My intention for the day is to offer a short overview of the tools and method I use starting around 2pm, and in turn individual attention to those interested in trying lucet.

Do you love lucet, know of its uses and methods in period, and/or have specific techniques or spiffy examples? Please come and share!

Depending on the number of attendees interested in lucet / cording, we will either meet in the main waiting area just inside the front doors or in the "usual" A&S room (down the hallway to the left).

--> If you have suggested sources -- period art / examples, merchants for supplies, and so on -- please contact me off-list; I plan to assemble a handout this coming week and would love to include your recommendations.

-Iohanna filia Iacobi Location:
Barony of Ponte Alto (Falls Church, Virginia)