Katherine d'Aquitaine Palatine and Noe the Saxon new Far West Baron and Baroness

Their Excellencies Katherine d'Aquitaine, Palatine Baroness and Noe the Saxon, Consort Baron report on the recent Coronet Tourney from the Palatine Barony of the Far West. The Tourney took place April 12, 2008 at the Tama Hills Military Recreation Center in Val De Draco (Tokyo, Japan)

Her Excellency writes:

Greetings unto the Populace of the Palatine Barony of the Far West,

The day has finished, and a new Baroness and Baron have received their pearled coronets, myself, and Noe the Saxon.

17 gentles and 2 little ones attended the event, where fighting, rapier, feasting and archery took place under a blessedly sunny day in spring - much surprising all, when the weather had been so terrible the previous week.

From a field of 6 competitors, a new Heavy Weapons champion was found. The tourney style was "line of death".

  • Lord Kage and Lord Hector tied for fifth place, with honour.
  • Baron Stefan Tot placed fourth, with skill and flamboyance.
  • Lord Volfeed came in third, with stalwartness.
  • Baron Vail came in second, with ferocious skill.
  • Lord Noe placed first, with cunning and speed.

However, due to his newly acquired status as Baron Consort, Noe ceded his place as Champion and Protector to the valiant Lord Vail.

In the A and S Baronial Coronet tournament, three contestants tried their best to win the coronet.

  • In third place, with wonderful art and armour, was Baron Stephan. Baron Stephan produced many, many scrolls, costume accessories and a lovely coat of plates for his entry.

  • In second place, with skill, creativity and excellent documentation was Lord Friar Jak. Friar Jak produced a lovely sonnet, well-wrought armour and armour stands, a tough shield, and a lovely Empty Shell scroll for his enrty.

  • In first place, winning the coronet was Katherine d'Aquitaine. Katherine produced fingerloop braids, pomander balls, an Italian renaissance dress, a Roman lunch and a Japanese devotional hanging for her winning entry.

Baroness Marixsa laboured hard and long with the help of Lady Iari to produce a superlative feast for the populace at the tourney. Particular favourites were the pommes d'oree, and the beef stew and rice pudding.

Fencing was taught to many individuals by Black Tiger Lord Kage Tatsu, and a humorous and vigorous game of 'fencing soccer' was played.

Baron Vail hosted a barbecue lunch as a farwell gift to a grateful and hungry populace. In their final court, several individuals were` recognized by Baron Vail and Baroness Marixsa with awards for work within the barony.

In the fading of the day, Katherine d'Aquitaine and Noe the Saxon were crowned Palatine Baroness and Baron, and upon stepping down Lord Vail was made Baronial Heavy Weapons Champion and Lady Marixsa was made a member of the Order of the Burdened Bouget.

A righteous afterparty ensued, and many individuals enjoyed the hospitality of Tama Hills' cabin and hotel, as reserved by the kind and diligent Friar Jak, who was unfortunately unable to share the hospitality he graciously ensured. Our thanks and gratitude goes out to him, and also Lord Kage, Lord Travis and Lady Danielle who were our contacts for signing civilians into Tama Hills.

And thus ended the day.

Katherine d'Aquitaine
Palatine Baroness

Noe the Saxon
Consort Baron

Her Excellency also announced the following recipients of awards at Court:

From Palatine Baron Vail and Marixsa
  • AoA - Kage Tatsu (Sean Harris) for fencing
  • AoA - Lord Tyler (no surname as far as I know - need to get his full name from Vail?) for fighting

  • Oriental Dragon - Stefan Tot - for Arts and sciences
  • Oriental Dragon - Katherine d'Aquitaine - for arts and sciences

From new Palatine Baroness Katherine and Noe

  • Burdened Bouget - Marixsa - for exceptional service to the barony
  • Vail Visconti - Leaping Dolphin - an award upon stepping down as Palatine Baron