Ealdormere's "Cloth of Gold" competition results

Maestra Nicolaa de Bracton of Leicester reports on the results of the Cloth of Gold Competition which took place April 12, 2008 in the Royal Citie of Eoforwic.

Nicolaa writes:

Since I'm not sure our autocrat has had time to think about posting yet, I wanted to pass on the results from this weekend's Cloth of Gold competition. We had six teams competing--two advanced and four novice. Our winners are:

In the novice category: Barony of Ramshaven -
In the advanced category: Unnr's team (she had a spiffy Norse title for it, but I didn't manage to get the spelling)

We also had two special commendations: The Gluttons for Punishment team from Starleaf Gate, for fibre nuttiness (including handspun sewing threads, amongst other things) and the team of Lord Niall the Victualler and his family, for teamwork, attitude, and their recreation of a tableau from the Manesse codex (including painted backdrop!)

THL Wilhelm and Cristabel recognized the best individual item in the competition. This went to the hand-made gold chain based on the Birka find made by Lady Ysabeau, who was on Unnr's Norse team.

All of the teams managed to turn out some wonderful outfits, some despite having lost significant team members to illness or other last-minute emergencies.

I want to thank our judging team (Baroness Adrielle, THLady Asa Gormsdottir, THLady Cristabel Wensleydale and THLord Wilhelm von Pottruff) for taking the time to come out, talk to all of the teams, and then make the decision between six wonderful entries. And thank you to the six teams for giving us such great things to look at!

Special thinks to our food team (Lord Ludwig and Lady Sophia, and their kitchen lackeys Baron Oakhammer and Baroness Aibhilin) for feeding us wonderfully (I love sushi at 1 am), Baron Perceval and Baroness Christiana for their support, Lady Medb for troll and schlepping duty, and especially to Lady Jocelyne, our incredibly competent autocrat.