[EAS] Sommer Draw

The Shire of Quintavia and the Barony of Bergental are pleased to once again join efforts and talent to produce a quality event that will appeal to the young, the old, the new and the experienced by offering a wide program of martial activities, a sampling of evening entertainments, a lovely site, bounteous hospitality, and all the rough pleasantries of a traditional camping event.

HEAVY WEAPONS -- Come one, come all! Sommer Draw will host both spear and melee tournaments, featuring innovative as well as traditional formats, with prizes to be given out. Inspections and authorizations will begin promptly at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, with the tournaments starting around noon. Our site boasts fine fields for your favourite martial activity. Rest assured, there will be plenty of fighting for all! Should you have any questions, please contact our heavy Marshal-in-Charge, Lord Arik Coer du Luttrere (contact info below).

WHIM TOURNEY -- Countess Svava is feeling whimsical! Indulging in her whimsy, she has decided to bring forth and hold a series of tournaments throughout the year. Sommer Draw is proud to host one of the first of these! For more information about Her Excellency's Whim Tournaments, visit this website: wttp://whimtourney.sccspirit.com , or contact Countess Svava (contact information below).

RAPIER challenges will be brought to you by Lord Alan of Rosley, who has been saving his craftiest scenarios all year long for you to test. Here's what he has to say: "Rumours and stories have been received by the local constabulary about skuldugery in the local forest and upon our very own streets. These tales have been increasing in frequency over the last few months, as more citizens are reporting getting robbed when traveling to and from our fair town. Purse snatching and muggery are on the increase, and it has been suggested that the bandits are using guns when robbing the travelers! There has even been an incident wherein a group of these bold rascals have invaded a house and robbed the owners. Citizens be Warned!" Authorizations will begin at 10:00 a.m., and the scenarios will start by noon. For additional information, please contact the Rapier Marshal in Charge, Lord Alan (contact information below).

ARCHERY -- We shall have shoots and a tournament designed to challenge all comers from the novice archer to the seasoned veteran. Youth archers are welcome! For further information, please contact the Marshal in Charge, Lord Aleksei Dmitriev (contact information below).

THROWN WEAPONS will once again be brought to you by Lady Dhanwanti. We have loaner weapons and there will be open range time all day. We will teach those that have never thrown before, and help any who have questions! In the mid afternoon there will be a Heckler's Tourney. Come and see us attempt to throw while hecklers from the audience attempt to make us laugh. For this tourney, it is requested that only experienced throwers participate, but anyone is very welcome to be a heckler! The hecklers tourney is a family friendly event so please remember to keep the heckles to an appropriate level of fun. There will be prizes for the Best Heckler and for the Best Overall Thrower in Minor (under 17) and Adult(17 & over). Children under the age of 12 must have a parent or guardian there and the parent or guardian will be required to remain at the range the entire time that the child is throwing. Children ages 12-17 must have parental/guardian permission (and the Marshal in Charge must meet the parent/guardian). Ages 17 and older may throw freely at the range. For more information, please contact the Thrown Weapons Marshal-In-Charge, Lady Dhanwanti (contact information below).

YOUTH COMBAT is being planned by Lady Nicola Angelini and cohorts, who promise to present challenges worthy of our young champions! For information, please contact Lady Nicola (contact information below).

SIEGE will be present, brought to you by Lord Harald Orn, who is devising new and crafty ways to have fun with large weapons of war.

FIRST AID and water bearing will be lead by Baroness Mahin. While the event will provide appropriate liquids for hydration, any donations of bottled water and gatorade will be cheerfully accepted. Mahin gladly welcomes help, especially with water bearing, as there are many areas & activities to be attended to during the event. For further information, Mistress Mahin may be contacted at skaplan4@comcast.net.

LUMINARY COMPETITION: Sommer Draw sees the second leg of the Bergental Luminary (baronial A&S champion) competition. While only Bergenthalers may compete for the baronial champion aspect, there will also be recognition of fine artistic and/or scientific achievement at the event, for any and all who enter. As usual, we will also have an A&S display area, for those who wish to share their knowledge and skills with everyone, but who do not wish to compete. All are welcome!

THE CROSSROADS INN -- Morning, noon or night, come relax in the Crossroads Inn, brought to you by Mistress Eleanore MacCartheigh. A generous DAYBOARD will be served on Saturday, at a reasonable cost to those who wish the luxury of not having to prepare a midday meal. The Inn will open its doors on Friday night and offer drinks (non-alcoholic) for all who attend. Throughout the weekend, several food fundraisers will be held to benefit Bergental's Runnymede dinner at Pennsic in 2008, available for a small donation at each meal. On Saturday morning a diverse breakfast buffet will be offered. At mid-day, a lunch of hearty grilled meats and fresh sides will be served, and on Sunday morning a full breakfast will again be offered. For futher information, you may reach Mistress Eleanore at misphred@yahoo.com.

REVELRY will occur around the campfire in the evenings; stories wait to be told, songs yearn to be sung...what better way to prepare for the weekend then to join your friends and neighbors in a traditional fireside circle on Friday night? Saturday evening will see the wonderful Diabolis In Musica come to entertain us, playing predominantly Middle Eastern music for your drumming and dancing pleasure. All musicians and entertainers are encouraged to perform throughout the weekend -- any questions should be directed to Lady Teresa Giana (contact information below).

CAMPING is encouraged -- indeed, there will be awards presented for a series of 'Best Encampments' categories. The site offers nice, level space for tenters of all varieties, and even has a few wooded nooks for those who prefer a more sylvan setting for their camp. Campers are encouraged to inspect their chosen sites for unwanted flora and fauna before pitching their tents.

MERCHANTS of various types will be present for your shopping pleasure! Any merchants wishing to ply their trade must first contact the Mistress of Revels, Lady Teresa Giani (contact information below), merchanting space is limited.

SILENT AUCTION - quality items to be had for a quality price!

Please be advised that no ground fires are permitted, nor are open flames of any type permitted in the wooded areas.

Well behaved pets are allowed, but MUST be secured at all times and MUST be 100% cleaned up after (even in the wooded areas).

The site is discreetly damp; consumption of alcohol is allowed with adherence to mundane laws. Original containers should not be visible, and disposed of properly.

Barrels will be available for the disposal of rubbish at various points throughout the site. These barrels may be utilized for all rubbish, including food scraps; however, guests are strongly encouraged to take home their recyclable rubbish whenever possible.

No unaccompanied minors will be allowed at this event. Minors who attend with an adult other than their parent must have a Medical Authorization for Minors Form with them.

There is a playground on site available for free play for age-appropriate children; however, absolutely no children may be left unattended on this playground.

Please be prepared to unload and park your vehicle before setting up camp or donning armor. Parking will be allowed in designated areas only.

DIRECTIONS Take your best route to I-91 in Massachusetts.

On I-91 from the North: Take Exit 28 (Route 10 South, toward Bernardston). Merge onto Church Street/Route 10. Travel 0.4 miles, then turn left onto Route 10/US Hwy. 5. Travel 1.0 miles, make a slight right at South Street. Continue on Barton Road for 2.0 miles. Turn right onto Oak Hill Road and continue to the end. Be advised that the end of the road is not paved.

On I-91 from the South:
Take exit 27 and merge onto Mohawk Trail/Route 2 East. Travel 0.6 miles, then take the Route 10/US Hwy. 5 North exit (toward Bernardston). Travel 0.2 miles and turn left at Bernardston Road/Route 10/US Hwy. 5. Travel 2.2 miles and turn left on Severance Street. After 0.3 miles, make a slight left onto Log Plain Road West. Travel 0.4 miles then turn left onto Barton Road. After 0.8 miles, turn right onto Oak Hill Road and continue to the end. Be advised that the end portion of the road is not paved.

At-a-Glance Event Information

Camp Lion Knoll
Oak Hill Road (no number)
Greenfield, MA 01301

Site Opens: June 20, 2008, 3:00 p.m.
Site Closes: June 22, 2008, 12:00 p.m.

Event Fees:
Site : PRE-REGISTRATION RATES (must be postmarked no later than June 6, 2008)
Adult weekend - $12.00
Adult day - $8.00
Minor weekend or day - $2.00

Adult weekend - $15.00
Adult day - $10.00
Minor weekend or day - $2.00

Please be advised the above rates apply to those who hold a current membership. A surcharge of $3.00 per adult applies to non-members.

Mistress Eleanor le Brun (mka Annette Fox) may be contacted via email at: eleanorlebrun@charter.net

Mistress Susana Del Lago

Other Contact Information:
Heavy List Marshal in Charge:
Lord Arik Coer du Luttrere (mka Wes Dotts), wdotts@idc.com

Whim Tournament:
Countess Svava Thorgeirrsdottir (mka Lisa Barolak), lisasnook@gmail.com

Rapier Marshal in Charge:
Lord Alan of Rosley (mka Alan Benedict), alanofrosley@excite.com

Archery Marshal in Charge: Lord Aleksei Dmitriev (mka Lisa Miller), danagryphon2000@yahoo.com

Thrown Weapons Marshal in Charge:
Lady Dhanwanti (mka Maya Johnson), thrownweapons@quintavia.eastkingdom.org

The Crossroads Innkeeper: Mistress Eleanore MacCartheigh (mka Phred Jenkins), misphred@yahoo.com

Youth Marshal in Charge: Lady Nicola Angelini (mka Nikki Toscano), nktoscano@gmail.com

Siege Master: Lord Harald Orn (mka Scott Marks), smarks@charter.net.

Mistress of Revels: Lady Teresa Giani (mka Chrystie Terry), chrystie69@gmail.com

First Aid Officer and Waterbearing: Baroness Mahin (mka Selena Kaplan), skaplan4@comcast.net

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc., -- Shire of Quintavia

http://www.eastkingdom.org/event-detail.html?eid=1506 Location:
Shire of Quintavia (Greenfield, Massachusetts)