SCAForge open for business

An SCA techie from the East Kingdom has created a web portal for sharing Open Source software projects, downloadable files, and other information useful to SCA webmasters, event planners, and administrators.

In April of 2007, Robin Gallowglass noticed that a number of SCA web page maintainers were constantly re-inventing the wheel, as there was no source code repository for SCA-specific projects along the lines of SourceForge. Seeing a niche that needed to be filled, he registered a domain name and started building a project "Forge" to offer free project management and hosting for any SCA project. offers source code management/revision control, mailing lists, bug tracking, message boards/forums, task management, permanent file archival, full backups, and complete web-based administration. Any SCA based project is welcome -- it does not have to be software. SCAForge can be used to host a collection of graphics you have created (there is already one such project hosted on SCAForge now), a research paper or the latest piece of software you wrote to solve or manage something in the SCA.

Right now, SCAForge is considered a public "beta". There are still a few things that are not quite working, but the site is already being used to manage a number of projects, including OSCAR and FELIX for the College of Arms.