Brendokenfest photos available for viewing

The Barony of Brendoken, located in the northeastern part of the Middle Kingdom, chose its new martial and A&S champions last weekend at the Brendokenfest event. Our own THL Milica of Varna captured an extensive photo album from the day's festivities.

Brendokenfest 2008 was the Barony's first equestrian event, as well as its venue for selecting Baronial Champions in rapier combat (Signore Lorenzo di Calabria), armoured combat (Lord Ryuzoji Kenshin), archery (Lord Tetsuo Akira), arts and sciences (Lady Desideria von Bekea), and thrown weapons (Lord Duncan de Vere). Sergeant Einar Bakklar, in his feastocrat debut, provided a two-course meal that left everyone well-filled and happy.

Milica's photo album includes portraits of the champions, candid shots from the day's various martial activities, and a section devoted to the equestrian arena.