Konrad and Brenwen Ascend to the Eastern Thrones

Upon this lovely Saturday just past in the Crown Province of Ostgardr, Canton of Northpass, the East Kingdom did bid adieu to King Andreas der Eisfalke III and Queen Gabriella I and welcomed in Their place King Konrad von Ulm I and Queen Brenwen the Faire I.

Once crowned, Their Majesties were able to sit in state and watch a small tournament, since the weather remained sunny and bright, despite dire predictions earlier in the day.

Their newly crowned Majesties were glorious in the East's blue and gold of the Tyger, putting all on notice that They would go to war in the not-too-distant future to secure the Eastern honor.

With grace and joy did They create Gabriella a Countess and Lady of the Rose, and with even more joy did They give thanks to Duke Andreas for all he has done for the Kingdom.

A splendid feast, directed and created by Mistress Andrea MacIntyre, followed Their Majesties' first court, and musicians strolled throughout the feast hall, offering songs to each table.

The Crown Province of Ostgardr was wonderfully represented by Their Excellencies, Viceroy Alexandre Lerot d'Avigne and Vicereine Eularia Trewe, who were honored to host the Coronation. Many good gentles in Ostgardr assisted and attended the event and were happily tired at the end of the evening.

Long Life to King Konrad and Queen Brenwen!