[DRA] Aarnimets Academy

Once again it is time to assemble in the Aarnimets Academy to share one's knowledge of arts and sciences. This event focuses specially on classes and different kinds of workshops.

The events open on Friday at 6 p.m. and closes on Sunday at 1 p.m.

Site: The site of this event is the beautiful camp site of Sorja (Mrrintie 4, 38100 Karkku) in Vammala, near Tampere (and owned by Tampereen kessiirtola ry). Sorja is in the best country side of Pirkanmaa province and on the shores of a lake. On the lake shore is Sorja's sauna, which is heated with wood.

Sorja also has a neighbour, an educational institution for agriculture, but this shouldn't be a problem.

Sorja can easily be reached by train, bus and car. The nearest airport is the Tampere-Pirkkala airport. The shortest - and easiest - routes to Sorja are from Helsinki (by train), Turku and Tampere.

Here are directions from Tampere to Sorja: http://www.saunalahti.fi/~teeniem/kesasiirtola/ajo-ohje.GIF

For more precise instructions check the Academy's homepage.

Meals: On Friday is served an evening snack, on Saturday we have a breakfast, lunch and feast and on Sunday a breakfast.

Site rules: The event is "discreetly wet" which means that only mild alcohol drinks (beer, cider, wine) are allowed. Smoking is only permitted outside. Pets also have to stay outside. The site has pillows and blankets, but sheets and pillow cases must be brought if you do not sleep in a sleeping bag. If you do sleep in a sleeping bag, you must take a sheet with you also.

Reservations are made through the reservation form, which is found on the event homepage.

The site fee: For SCA-members the site fee is 27 euros. For those who are not members of SCA, the site fee is 30 euros. For children of the age on 7-12 the site fee is 20 euros and children of the age of six or younger can come to the event for free.

If the payment doesn't come in time or there is no reservation made until 2nd of May, you must pay an extra 5 euros to your site fee for the last-minute arrangements and replanning.

Paying: Those coming from abroad can pay there site fee at the event, but ONLY in cash. Finnish residents pay the site fee to Hmeen keskiaikaseura's account 568000-4268274 and for them the last day to pay is the 2nd of May. When paying, please remember to mention who is paying for what!

Cancellation policy: If you cancel before the 2nd of May, you will get a full refund. If you cancel later than 12th of May, you will get a refund of only 20 euros, which is the cost for the meals. To those who cancel after the May 12th we cannot unfortunately promise anything. If you have a reservation and neither cancel, pay nor come to the event, the whole site fee including a handling fee of 5 euros will be charged.

More information on the event's homepage: www.humalasalo.org/Akatemia This event is sponsored by Humalasalo at Aarnimets.

Event stewards
e-mail: a.akatemia@gmail.com

Greta Madelin
e-mail: a.akatemia@gmail.com

Lord Oliver of Harjuwalcea

Minister of arts and sciences in charge
Fru Eva Grelsdottir

Cook Adelheid von Westfalen Location:
Barony of Aarnimets (Vammala, Finland)