[MER] Dreamstone Tourney XXIX

The People's Barony of Bryn Madoc invites one and all to Dreamstone Tourney 29 to be held on April 18-20, 2008 at the large group camp at F.D. Roosevelt State Park near Pine Mountain, Georgia.

Their Excellencies Bryn Madoc invite you to Their Tourney to determine the new Champion of the Dreamstone. Other challenges await warriors and artisans alike. Come and join us for a weekend of fighting, food, and frivolity!

o Dreamstone Tourney. Open to all fighters, this double elimination tournament is open to all weapon styles and follows standard SCA rules. The winner will be recognized in Baronial court as “The Defender of the Dreamstone.” Last year nearly 40 fighters vied for the honor. Are you worthy? Don your harness, join the tourney, and prove it!

Baron's Prize List. Restricted to fighters who have never won a tournament, this contest will be a single elimination format, open weapon styles standard SCA rules. The winner will be recognized in Baronial court for his or her prowess with a special gift made by the Baron's own hand.

Tournament Through the Ages. Open to all fighters, this tournament takes fighters on a “helm-on” tour of armored combat throught the ages. Weapon restrictions and victory conditions vary based upon the format.

Act I: The Roman Arena — “We who are about to die salute you!” Modified bear pit, limited weapons forms, acted-out wounds, and a points-based victory system — the more drawnout and brutal the victory, the more points — but don't challenge the will of the Patron, or you will be punished!

Act II: The Viking Holmgang — “You are not the like of a man and not a man in your chest!” Limited weapon forms, single elimination, bouts chosen by challenge — win and take half your opponents' weregeld! (Gold will be distributed based on rank and will be retained for the next Act, so challenge wisely!)

Act III: William Marshal's Melée — Open weapon, counted blows. A participant is considered stunned at three blows and should be led to the clerks to record the ransom of five gold. When the melée ends, he or she with the most gold wins!

Merriment. Following our Feast Through the Ages, a grand revel will be held in the large pavilion in the evening. Return to the halcyon days of the recent past, when the Revel was THE place to be seen. Everyone is welcome. We will have dancing, music, bardic circles, dessert and an all-round good time. Water and/or lemonade will be provided.

Fees are a-la-cart — pay for what YOU want!
Adult Event Fee $10 For all attendees (daytrip or weekend) Child Event Fee $ 5 For children ages 5-12; children 4 and under are free Bed & Breakfast $ 5 Additional fee for everyone staying the weekend (limit to 120 beds) Feast $ 7 Feast hall limit is 90 Children's Feast $ 2 Children's fare served in the hall during feast Non-SCA Member Surcharge $ 3 Proof of SCA membership is required. Non-members pay an additional fee. * * JUST ADD IT ALL UP! * * Here's an example: Adult $10 + B&B $5 + Feast $7 = $22 Per Meridian Kingdom Law, no family shall pay a site fee higher than three (3) adult member prices for admission to an event as long as the children are 15 years of age or younger and they are all members. Proof of membership, immediate family relations, and age may be required.

An additional $3.00 per vehicle parking fee (or an Annual ParkPass) is required by Hard Labor Creek State Park, payable at the door.

Please make checks for reservations payable to "SCA, Inc. dba Barony of Bryn Madoc." The only reservation is a paid reservation! No e-mail or phone reservations will be accepted. No checks will be accepted at the door; please be prepared to pay with cash if you have not reserved in advance.

The site for Dreamstone is F.D. Roosevelt State Park near Pine Mountain, Georgia. The large group camp has 120 beds, in small cabins (approx 30) each sleeping 3-4 persons, as well as 4 lodges. Bathhouses are located near the cabins, and have heated showers and flush toilets. Cabin group four is designated a “herald-free zone,” and as such will NOT recieve herald announcements (except in case of emergency, or for Sunday wake-up). Cabin group three is a “quiet area” after 10 p.m.; please respect your neighbors who may have small children.

Tent camping is not available on site, but is available elsewhere in the park. A few cottages are also available for rent through the park. For more information on tenting and cottages, call 1-800-864-7275 or go to the Georgia State Parks system's website.

The event site opens at 6 p.m. Eastern time on Friday and closes at 11 a.m. on Sunday. No pets allowed in the group camp area.

Georgia State Parks' alcohol policy states that “ It shall be unlawful for any intoxicated person to enter or remain on any park, historic site, or recreational area. It shall also be unlawful for any person to consume or use alcoholic beverages or intoxicants in any public use area of a park, historic site, or recreational area. As used in this subsection, the term 'public use area' shall not include cabins, rooms, trailers, tents, and conference facilities which facilities are rented for exclusive use by one individual or group.” (Official Code of Georgia, Annotated, Section 12-3-10-m)

Take exit #21 off of I-85 to I-185, get off at exit #42. Follow US Hwy. 27 thru Pine Mtn. to GA Hwy. 354, go under rock bridge. Bear left onto Kings Gap Road. Follow SCA signs to the group camp entrance on the left. Click on image for navigable map to site.

Nota Bene: The mailing address for the park is 2970 Ga. Highway 190, Pine Mountain, GA 31822. This is the location for the main part of the park; the group camp is located in a different section of the park.

http://www.brynmadoc.org/dreamstone29.html Location:
Barony of Bryn Madoc (Pine Mountain, Georgia)