Skeletons Discovered Beneath Public Library

Sunday Herald: The discovery of 50 skeletons in a shallow grave beneath the public library in St. Andrews, Scotland, leads archaeologists to believe that the town may be situated over a vast medieval cemetery. Trinity Church in St. Andrews, Scotland, was constructed in 1410 and probably included a large cemetery. Today, the church is surrounded by centuries worth of buildings, many of which are located atop the medieval cemetery. Recently, the remains of over 50 individuals were discovered a mere two feet below the floor of the Hay Fleming Library, which is located next to the church.

"Every building in the entire central region of St. Andrews is built on top of a mediaeval cemetery," said the senior archaeologist at Fife Council archaeology unit, Douglas Speirs. "If you were to lift the floors in any one of the buildings in this area you would find what we have found."

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