The Vikings return to Nottingham

The Vikings will return to Nottingham, England April 26, 2008 for From Bones to Berserkers -- Vikings Under the Spotlight, the Midlands Viking Symposium 2008 at The University of Nottingham. The program will include presentations by some of the worlds greatest authorities on Norse and Viking culture.

Discussions at the conference will include:

  • Professor Judith Jesch (University of Nottingham): ‘From Parchment to Penguin: reading the sagas’
  • Dr Morn Capper (University of Sheffield): ‘Witnessing Viking Atrocity? Written Accounts of the First Viking Age’
  • Dr Paul Cullen (University of Leicester): ‘Spotting Vikings in English Place-Names’
  • Dr Amanda Foster (University of Birmingham): ‘From Quarry to Kitchen: making a steatite cooking vessel in the Viking period’
  • Gavin Kinsley: ‘The Mercians and the Vikings: East Midlands settlements and landscapes’
  • Dr Gareth Williams (British Museum): ‘Cuerdale and the Vale of York: Studying Viking Hoard Finds from the 19th and 21st Centuries’ Ruarigh Dale (University of Nottingham): ‘The Method of Madness: Berserks’
  • Kris Poole (University of Nottingham): ‘Living and Eating in Viking Age England’

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