Lord Edward Mac Tavish achieves Veneur at Gulf Wars XVII

Lord Edward MacTavish was recognized as Veneur, the highest level of Hunter in the Hunt Guild Persona Challenge. He challenged each level over the course of several years at Gulf Wars.

The Hunt Guild started in An Tir several years ago, first as a Coursing college. Later under Donwenna La Mareschale, current Adminstrator, it was expanded to include all animals of the hunt. With the help of Lord Liam O'Shea, they promoted it first using a Yahoo! Groups list and the Medieval Sportsman's Compendium of Knowledge web site.

Lord Edward Mac Tavish presented his persona and was judged according to the criteria listed on the Hunt Guild website. Judges were treated to delicious venison that he prepared on site in period cauldrons within the ashes of his campfire. The period recipe used several different spices, and it was cooked to perfection. After he buttered up the judges, Baron Eule, OL of Ansteorra, Master James Cunnigham, OL of Midrealm, and HL Samira, fewterer of Midrealm, Edward simulated a boar hunt accompanied by blasts from his decorated signal horn.

To view the album of his persona presentation from Aide de Venerie to Venuer over the course of several years, go to http://picasaweb.google.com/donwenna/EdwardMacTavishVeneur. For more information about upcoming Hunt Guild Persona Challenges contact donwenna@gmail.com.