[TRI] Tourney of the Rose Goes to India!

The Varangian Guard have long been settled on the western shores of India. Wanting to participate in the events surrounding these competitions they sent out a call through the routes, through all the lands clear back to Scandinavia and bid to host the Tourney of the Rose, in a far and exotic place.

Come feast with us on exotic foods and enjoy exotic aromas as we bring you to the distant land of India.

Join the Rapier fighters in a quest to be the "Defender of the Rose".

Join the Heavy Weapon Fighters as they pit axe against sword.

Bardic Competitions: Individual singing • Group singing • Poetry • Instrumental • Dance • Storytelling • Theatre • Accents of the World

Site fees
Non Members $13
Members $10
Feast $8
No family charged more than three adult fares.
Children under 10 are free.
Make check payable to “SCA, Inc - Shire of Sea March ”. Please include your driver’s license number on the check.


Reservation Steward
Linyeve de Everly

Start: I - 95 North (from Miami) or South (from Tampa or Orlando)

Depart Pga Blvd.(East) , West Palm Beach, FL, 33410 on SR-786[Pga Blvd.] Turn LEFT (South) onto SR-A1A Alt [SR-811] Bear LEFT (East) onto RCA Blvd. End: Arrive Mooselodge 3600 RCA Blvd., West Palm Beach, FL, 33410 Total Route 2.4 mi 4 min.

http://www.seamarch.net/Event_Rose_Tourney/2008/welcome.html Location:
Shire of Sea March (West Palm Beach, Florida)