Arts & Sciences Competition Categories for Estrella War XXV

Dame Anita de Challis, SCA Internal Publicity Deputy for Estrella War XXV, has announced the categories for Arts & Science Competitions at next year's war.

Dame Anita writes:

Estrella War Arts & Science Competition for Estrella War XXV (February 2009)

The three categories for the Arts & Sciences Competition for the next Estrella War are chosen one year ahead of time to allow the competitors ample time to prepare entries. The categories below were published in the Estrella War XXIV treaty signed October 2007.

They will include:

  • a.Measuring ('Scientific') Instruments -includes any working tool modeled after those used prior to 1600 AD to measure or compare the magnitude of any physical properties or combinations thereof (e.g., length, time, angle, distance, &c). A single tool or a set of tools used for one specific set of measurements may be entered.

  • b. Metal Weapons-includes forms of weapons used prior to 1600 AD where the "killing end" is formed of a single finished piece metal (e.g., blades, metal arrowheads, axe and hammer heads, spear points, etc.). The primary focus of the judging will be the metal portion of the weapon entered. Siege engine and powder-driven projectiles are specifically excluded.

  • c. Silver-Based Entry-a single entry that uses silver in some way that best displays the use of the metal in a pre-1600 AD context. Judging will take into account how silver is featured in the entry. Hazardous and/or toxic materials used in a manner that may expose judges and audience to harm are expressly are forbidden, and use of any such materials must be detailed within the documentation.

    [Note: This Category was selected, in part, as this year celebrates the "silver anniversary" of Estrella War.]

Rules for these categories shall be determined at the Treaty Negotiations for Estrella War XXV (February 2009). The Arts and Sciences Ministers of the Principal Kingdoms may begin work on the rules and category proposal for Estrella XXV after the Principal Kingdoms participating in Estrella War XXV have been agreed upon (usually in July of the year before the event).

Dame Anita de Challis, OP
(Anita Challis)
SCA Internal Publicity for Estrella War XXV

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