[GLE] Grand Tourney of the Torque

Come join us in celebrating a Baronial Investiture & the 32nd Anniversary of the Silver Torque Tourney at St. Columba Episcopal Conference Center – Gates Pavilion 4577 Billy Maher Rd., Memphis, Tennessee 38135

In days of olde, it was a warrior’s duty to defend the honor of the one who’s token he bore. It was the consort’s duty to support and inspire her champion. That was especially true in the Grand Tournaments of the 14th century. Come join us for a day of competitions and tournaments leading up to the final battle to determine the best of the best and the Queen of Love and Beauty. There will be elaborate pageantry before a gathering of distinguished lords and ladies with contests in Heavy combat, Rapier Combat, Arts & Sciences, Youth Combat, Live Weapons, footraces and bowling. Fighters bring your list shield.

Competitors will be a team of one combatant and one consort. They will earn points for participation or sponsorship in each activity. At the end of the day, the top 16 competitors will be allowed to enter the final tournament.

Special Event – Her Grace Mary Grace of Gatland will host a Vespers Tournament Friday Night!

In honor of Grey Niche's newest Baron and Baroness, and their elegant representation of the Middle Eastern personnae and arts, Al Mahala sponsors a contest of Muru'ah at Beltaine. The origin of European chivalry is in the Arabic concept of Muru'ah, or ethics of manly virtue. Far from brutishness and bragging, muru'ah was proven through grace and restraint, loyalty to obligation and duty, a devotion to do that which must be done, and a respect for women.

Adult: Tenting $12.00 / Daytrip $8.00
Child: Tenting $6.00 / Daytrip $4.00

At the Door
Adult: Tenting $14.00 / Daytrip $10.00
Child: Tenting $10.00 / Daytrip $6.00
Non-Members: Add $3.

Meals: Add $7 for all meals or $5 for daytrip meals - Limited to 100 people

This is a wet site. ----- Sorry, No Pets except those that are papered assistance animals.

Duches Linnet MacLeod

THL Cormac the Bald

Mistress Brenna Lowri o’Ruthin

Viscountess Miriel DuBois

Send Reservations to :
Barony of Grey Niche
Attn: Beltaine Reservations
PO Box 11184
Memphis, TN 38111

http://www.greyniche.org/fliers/beltaine08.htm Location:
Barony of Grey Niche (Memphis, Tennessee)