[GLE] Duvant Defender

The Shire of Wyrmgeist Proudly Presents Our First Annual Duvant Defender In Honor of those that Inspire the Dream...

June 13-15, 2008 Kings Arrow Ranch, Lumberton Mississippi

As many of you may remember, Sir Francois Duvant was a noble, true and valiant inspiration for the Dream in the SCA. We, of the Shire of Wyrmgiest, wish to honor him, and others like him, who have elevated the dream in all it's glory. We request that you bring images, memories, letters and memorabilia from those heros to share on the memorial wall which will be on display during the event. In honor of Francois we will have classes on all things 14th century - from clothing, to cooking, to tournaments, a 14th century themed A&S competition, and a Tournament of Champions Qualifying Tournament.

Cabin with Feast Adults: $24.00 Children $22.00
Tenting With Feast Adults: $20.00 Children $18.00
Day Trip With Feast Adults:$15.00 Children: $13.00
Non-Members Add $3.00, Off Board Subtract $6.00,
Children under 6 Tenting or Daytrip are free.
No Family to pay more than 3 adult prices
74 bed spaces available
Feast limited to 100
Make checks payable to SCA, Inc. Shire of Wyrmgeist.

Marion Leoncina da Susa

Katerina Demitrieva

Feast Steward:
Lannon MacGillvray
joelisastevenson@cox.net Location:
Shire of Wyrmgeist (Lumberton, Mississippi)