[OUT] Kingdom Arts and Sciences

Calling all Artists and Scientists, the Kingdom A&S Competition will be held in the Barony of Dragonsspine on the 12th of April. Competition will be held in the following Divisions and Categories.

A Donation lunch will be provided that will go to the Kingdom Travel Fund and to the Dragonsspine Fighters to help fund the site for fighter practice. If the items available are not pleasing to your palate, there are many modern fast food restaurants near to the site. There will be no feast for this event, to allow people travel time. Also if you would like crash space, please contact Trevor at trevor_floyd@yahoo.com.

Entries must be on site and checked in by 9:30 am and ready to be judged by 10:00 am.

Competition Pre Registration:
Pre-registration is required and can be done by either of two ways: 1. by filling out the entry form that is on the Kingdom web page under "Library", A&S Forms or 2. by e-mailing the following information to the Kingdom A&S Officer, M. Tana a l'Esprit Fort at: artsandsciences@

Please contact the Kingdom A&S Officer if you have any questions specifically about the competition.

Site Fees: Adult $15, Child (Age 5 - 12) $5.00, Child under the age of 5 Free

Site Location: Sierra High School, 2250 Jet Wing Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80916

Directions: Take the King's Highway (I-25) to the South Academy Exit 136, head north (away from the mountains) for approximately 3 miles, take a right on Astrozon Blvd then a left on Jet Wing Drive, Sierra High School will be on the left.

Site Restrictions: This SITE IS VERY DRY, BONE DRY! As it is a school, there is also no smoking on school grounds, so you must go across the street if you want to smoke.

Secondary Site for Brewers: Wine Crafters (formerly known as My Home Brewstore), 625 Paonia Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80915. Maps from the site to the secondary site will be available on site. More information coming soon.

Site Information
Opens - 9:00 am
Closes - 6:00 pm

Set up/clean up Crew - Lady Cassandra Location:
Barony of Dragonsspine