Burial Mounds, Cistercian Abbey, Chapel and Medieval Cemetery Unearthed near Chester

IC Northwales: Excavations of a site near the Duke of Westminster's Eaton estate in Chester, England may provide work for archaeologists for many years. A new dig shows that the area has known human habitation dating back 9,000 years. Archaeologists working on farmland near the Welsh border are being well-rewarded for their labor. So far, the site has yielded five Bronze Age burial mounds, two Roman buildings, a Cistercian Abbey, a chapel, and a medieval cemetery. "Wherever we go on this land we just pick up more and more information," said archaeologist Mike Emery.

In the past eight years, Emery and his team of volunteers have been working on the site, which they believe to have been continuously occupied for 9,000 years. Originally, the dig was centered on attempts to find a lost medieval abbey, but it has been expanded as more discoveries from different time periods have been made. "This dig will be my only job for the next 20 years," Emery added.

The site is scheduled to be the topic of a special edition of Channel 4's Time Team, to be hosted by actor Ralph Fiennes.