[AET] Barony Wars and Bazaar III

So Come! Bring your Swords! Bring your Bows! Bring those pointy things you throw! Bring your A & S projects for judging! Your stories and Songs! Your price (For everyone is for sale... for a price!) Bring items you wish to sell and money for items you wish to buy (don't forget the shopping point!). Volunteer often! Show your Baronial Arms! Raise the banners!


The Site opens at 6 pm on Friday night, and those still on site at 11:00 am on sunday morning will be volunteered to assist in clean up duty. It is a wet site (please take ALL containers with you when you go.)

This is a wonderful site with the standard "girl-scout" platform tents scattered throughout. There are also locations that personal tents can be set up - and a limited number of bunks available in the brownie-troop house. All of these choices are available AT NO CHARGE! Fires are allowed only in pre-set areas.

The site fee will be $8.00 a person. Those that mail in pre-registrations that are received by May 30th will receive a $1.00 discount per person not already discounted due to age..

For those that wish to partake of our excellent feast prepared by James of the Vayle, there will be two different options available. Our above the salt feast will be $15.00 a person (with no discount given for minors, this price is per seat), with the below the salt costing $8.00 a person.

There will be breakfast available (including Pancakes and eggs made to order) both Saturday and Sunday for one low price of $1.00 with your pre-registration, and $2.00 at troll. This one low price includes both days! *If you are pre-registering, please note that you are including the money for breakfast.

http://www.bwab.info/ Location:
Barony of the Endless Hills (Sanford, New York)