[WES] May Revel: Battle of Maldon

Hwaet! (With all due deference to our most glorious Baron) The time has come to defend our beautiful lands from the marauding Vikings! The inlet is defrosting and those awful pillagers (apologies Your most excellent Excellency) are preparing to ride.

Since Byrhtnoth is busy elsewhere, we're going to have to take care of this problem (please don't kill the autocrat, most beneficent Baron!) ourselves. So, break out your best early period clothes (t-tunics, yay!) and join us for a day of Battle of Maldon inspired activities: Viking Ship Races, an axe and spear tournament for the hard suit fighters, a raucous rapier tournament (please interpret as you see fit), and, for the Arts and Sciences minded, anti-Viking anything in any mode (I grovel, Your Excellency!) Site opens at 10 AM, but since we cannot guarantee the Vikings will be able to read their watches, things probably won't get started until 11 or 12.

Feast will be a potluck, (red) meat will be provided and bring what you want (please make sure you bring enough to feed 8-10 people). However, be aware, anyone who brings potato salad or bread will be recognized as a Viking sympathizer and be ejected with extreme prejudice.

Site Information: Abbott Loop Community Park, site opens at 10 and closes at 7. Site fees, $7 for members $10 for non members, $4 for those under 12. Please make checks payable to "SCA, Inc.- Barony of Eskalya."

Autocrat: Clare de Norwude, clairemargery@gmail.com

Directions: Travelling east on Tudor, turn right on Elmore Rd. (Travelling west, turn left), travel for a bit counting up to 80th Avenue, the park will be on your left, the turn in to the parking lot is just after 80th Ave. Location:
Barony of Eskalya (Anchorage, Alaska)