[DRA] Spring Crown Tournament 2008

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez! Their most royal Majesties Sven and Jovi wish to see the rise of their heirs, and herewith invite you to attend a tournament in the spring of 2008!

Be you strong of body, resolute in your convictions, steely in your resolve, and pure in your skill at arms? Are you ready to take the challenge that only few before have been able to bear? Then come all challengers, who wish to gain the most prestigious of prizes - The Crown of Drachenwald.

Are you an archer? Do you have the desire to dust off your bow? Then come and bring your bows and arrows, to avail yourself of our targets.

Is your interest of the gentler arts? Come and showcase your work for a popular choice price in an A&S display as well as compete in the Kingdom A&S competition.

Are you a gourmet? A feast to please the palette and celebrate the day will be held on site. The feast is being prepared under the direction of Lady Magdalena Grace Vane. She is inviting you to join her in the kitchen, as she prepares a feast to delight your senses. If you don’t like to cook she is also welcoming all those with a desire to serve.

Or do you just like to stroll through the middle ages? Their Majesties and the Shire of Turmstadt invite you to watch, display, compete and be. Come one and come all to the next spring crown tournament!

*Event Steward:*
Frouwe Solveig gargan Skjaldvarardottir
solveig at turmstadt dot de

*Marshal-in-Charge: Master Aethstan of Wortham
*Head Cook: Lady Magdalena Grace Vane
lady_magdelena_vane at YAHOO dot COM

*Reservation Steward:*
Frau Anna Syveken
syveken at yahoo dot de

*Site Fee* (given in Euros)
adult 29,00 (daytrip: 8,00),
child (age 4-16) 17,00 (daytrip: 4,00)
family cap 66,00 (daytrip: 10,00);
children under 4 are free

Feast: 8,00 per adult, 4,00 per child; NMS: 3,00

*Site Address:*
Pfadfinder Centrum "Callenberg"
Callenberg 11, D - 96450 Coburg, no street address.

By car the site is located some 15 minutes north west of Coburg. You will get detailed directions to site in our response to your registration.

*Site Opening Times*
April 11th , 5pm - April 13th 12pm 2008

Please register by using the link in the navigation menu at the right.

*Site Information*
The Site is descretely wet, smoking is allowed outside the buildings in designated areas, you may bring your own drinks, dogs are allowed outside the buildings on leashes.

The site has youth Hostel style beds and bunks, plus floor crash space and plenty of space to erect your tent. If you reserve for a bed/bunk, please remember to bring all your bedding (sheet, blankets, pillows).

Beds and seats at feast are limited. Your registration is valid as soon as we receive the payment. Payment details will be given with your reservation confirmation. The deadline for changing registration and for refunding cancelled registrations is March 30. Find details in the registration form.

*additional information*
- The SCA Inc. Boardsmeeting that has been scheduled for this event has been rescheduled and will take place later in the year.

- guesthouses nearby: Gasthof Zum Schwarzen Bären, Rodacher Str. 275,. 96450 Coburg, +49 9561 60571 Gaststätte Lindenhof, Lindenstr. 22, 96484 Meeder +49 9566 255

http://www.turmstadt.de/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=48&Itemid=37 Location:
Shire of Turmstadt (Coburg, Germany )