[ATL] Fiber Arts Day

If you do anything with fiber, or want to learn, or just want to sit and chat, come on over. Knitting, nalbinding, sprang, lucet braiding, finger loop braiding, inkle weaving, tablet weaving, loom weaving, embroidery, spinning, whatever.

DATE: 18 May 2008
TIME: 11:00 - whenever.

BRING: Any project you want to work on or get help on, or just your curiosity. Bring along your favorite books about your craft. And if you want to bring munchies or a dish to share, cool! (But don't feel like you must). I'll have some fresh bread, cheese, and drinks.

Please let us know if you are particularly interested in getting some help or mentoring for a specific skill, and we'll try and make sure we have someone available that can accommodate you.

I can help anyone that wants to learn about weaving or warping a floor loom.

LOCATION: 8604 Slate Hill Circle, Frederick, MD 21704. I'll send out directions to those that need them.

Alessandra di Venizia
merritt@tatrc.org Location:
Frederick, Maryland