[LOC] St Malachy Newcomer's Feast

The College of St Malachy Presents: Newcomer's Feast, a Feast of St Malachy Saturday, 19th of April

Where: Bulli Masonic Hall, Princes Hwy Bulli NSW
How much: Booked before the 10th of April: $16, after 10th and at door: $20.

Dress code: To maintain a medieval atmosphere at the feast, we ask that all attendees make an attempt at pre-1600 clothing. If you have nothing to wear, please contact the event steward about borrowing costume for the event.

Contacts: For more information and to make a booking, please contact the event steward, Gwen Ferch Greigor at cgcdm856@uow.edu.au

Event timetable:
Newcomer's Tourney:
Lists and inspections open at 2:30pm. Tourney starts at 3:00pm. All entrants are welcome.

Feast of St Malachy:
Feast will start around 6.30pm. If you have any specific dietary requirements, please inform the steward when booking.

Sewing Collegia:
There will be a Sewing Collegia from 1pm to 3pm in the Bulli Masonic Hall. It will involve basic embroidery stitches, basic sewing stitches, black working, tablet weaving etc. Please RSVP before the 10th of April so the teacher (s) who is (are) coming down from Sydney knows how many are attending.

Arts & Sciences Competitions:
Open to all

Competition One: Medieval Headwear: Most interesting/ pretty hat. Some documentation is necessary.

Competition Two: A college song/poem. Write a song about the College of St Malachy. Extra points will be given for performing the song/poem or getting someone else to perform it for you. Location:
College of St Malachy (Bulli, New South Wales)