[ATE] May Coronation

As the sun sets on the reign of our most gracious Aten Majesties, Eduard and Asa, a new sun raises on the reign of Their Heirs, Phelan and Amirah. Come all, to witness this honored occasion to be held on the banks of the Colorado River in Bullhead City at the Bullhead Community Park.

Sat. site opens at 10am with court starting at 11am. This will be an outside event but we will be under a very large Ramada. Please bring banners or anything else that may add to the atmosphere of this grand event. Site is discreetly wet. Pets allowed on leashes

There will be a feast served directly after closing court, with seating for 100. The feast will consist of soup, an assortment of meats, fruits, vegetables and breads, with desert to top off the afternoon.

Sun. site opens at 9am with Tournament times to be announced by Their Majesties at closing court on Sat. Bring your chairs and shade pavilions to set up around the erics.

Youth Defender and Youth Warlord- Join us Sunday as the youth fighters of Atenveldt proudly display their prowess and chivalry on the tournament field. Tournaments will begin at the pleasure of the crown. Combatants must have a parent or legal guardian present in order to compete in this tournament. Please contact Lord Willem MacAmish at thedustycelt@hotmail.com for further information.

Site fee- 10.00 for members, 13.00 for non-members, 5.00 for 12-17 under 12 are free

Feast fee- 5.00 for adults, 2.50 for 12-17, under 12 are free. Please send your reservations by April 15th, to Kingdom Exchequer: THL Katrina Von Rosenberg

Site- Both days, Bullhead City Community Park, Highway 95, Bullhead City AZ 86442. Laughlin NV is right across the river from this site, there are many Casinos to choose from. There are also several motels in Bullhead City and restaurants within only a few miles of site. If you would like a list of motels please email me at mjholmes@citlink.net or Lady Elzibet hairstami@yahoo.com and I will forward a list to you.

Directions-Take your best route to Bullhead City, Highway 95 runs all the way through Bullhead. The Park is right across from Laughlin NV and the Casinos. Community Park is approximately 2 mile from the Laughlin Bridge. There will be signs

Autocrats-THL Aimee Douglas(Julie Holmes) mjholmes@citlink.net Lady Elzibet Alfinnsdottir(Tamara Owens) hairstami@yahoo.com

Feastocrat-Lord Padric O'Laughlin pansdoor@hotmail.com

Lord Aedan the Bull(Russ Paronto) Location:
Shire of Windale (Bullhead City, Arizona)