Receding Danube Waters Reveal Byzantine Fortress

AFP: The low water level in the Danube River has led to the rediscovery of a 10th century Byzantine fortress at Pacuiul lui Soare in southern Romania. The fortress was swallowed by the river in the 15th century. "It's the oldest fortress ever discovered in Romania, and we're very happy to be able to begin exploring it," said Petre Diaconu, an 80-year-old archeologist now working on the site.

Previously hidden beneath the water, this fortress caused a number of unexplained boat accidents, said Diaconu. "Today, the waters have given us back what belonged to us. You see, one person's misfortune is sometimes another person's joy."

The drought has caused the Danube to drop to just one third of its normal water flow for this time of year, causing serious problems for the electric power system and navigation of boats on the river.