[ATE] Last Crusade: The Siege of Atenveldt

Come join the Barony of Atenveldt as we relive the glory and honor achieved during the 3rd Crusade by Richard and Saladin and their armies.

On Saturday there will be a series of melee battles following the progress of King Richard the Lionhearted against Saladin during the 3rd Crusade. Along side the hardsuit battles, will be the Rapier soldiers whose scenarios will mirror and assist those of the hardsuit. There will also be target archery designed to aid in the battles, as well as Siege engines trying to bring down the Castle walls and rain destruction down upon the enemy.

On Sunday we will hold a day of Tournaments for hardsuit, rapier and archery, starting with a William Marshal Tourney and ending with a Crusaders Cross Bear-pit Prize Tourney for the hardsuit Fighters.

For details on all battle scenarios and tournaments, please see the March Palm Prints at http://www.baronyofatenveldt.org/

All artisans please come and explore the many colors of the Crusades as you paint your own Persian/Turkish Tile(s). Lady Damaris will have all the supplies necessary for you to participate in this activity. Or join the Artisan Showcase highlighting Middle Eastern and Crusader themes. Calling all Bards to come and join in on our "Thousand and One Nights" Bardic Circle. For the children, we plan to build and paint a Castle large enough for the children to play in when it's complete.

Enjoy the complex, rich flavors and foods from the Middle East Saturday night. For a menu, please contact the feast steward at ladysafaya@yahoo.com. There will be a pancake breakfast Sunday morning.

Please join the Barony of Atenveldt on April 5th & 6th at Empty Acres. Site will open at 10 am on Saturday and closes on Sunday at 6 pm.

Site fee is $20.00 for adults, youth 8-17 $5.00 and Children 7 & under are Free. Feast Saturday night & breakfast Sunday morning is included in the site fee. If you can only attend Sunday's events your site fee will be $10 for the day. There will be a $3.00 surcharge for nonmembers.

DIRECTIONS: Empty Acres Equine Resort is in Buckeye, AZ 10300 South Miller Road. Take your best route to Interstate 10 west to Miller Road (exit 114). This is about 6 miles west of the Estrella Parkway exit. Go south on Miller Road approximately 4.8 miles.

If you journey from Kingdom lands south of Granholme or from Burning Sands take State Route 85 north out of Gila Bend. From State Route 85, take Hazen Road (approximately three miles south of Buckeye) east for approximately 1.8 miles to South Miller Road. Empty Acres is located on the southwest corner of Hazen and Miller roads.

The Site is wet, no glass containers, and pets must be on leashes. SCA curfew rules will be enforced. There is plenty of grass for ALL activities and camping, as well as a broken field area for fighting. To get a glimpse of the site go to www.emptyacres.com

AUTOCRAT: Lady Arianna Marie della Luna (Samantha Elliott) drseuss_14@hotmail.com

DEPUTY AUTOCRAT: Lady Safaya bint Ahmet ibn Abdullah ladysafaya@yahoo.com

COMBAT AUTOCRAT: Lord Heinrich Von Swartzenberg lord_heinrich@hotmail.com Location:
Barony of Atenveldt (Buckeye, Arizona)