[GLE] Hadrian's Wall Revisited

Come join the Barony of Seleone on March 28th to March 30th as we revisit Hadrian's Wall at the reopening of the CAMP WILKES site Biloxi, MS

****WE still have beds and feast available******

Who are your closest neighbors, the Land of the Scots or the Home of the English? Come and support your closest neighbor in the battle of Hadrian's Wall Revisited.

Friday Night:
Troll in at 5:00pm
Travelers Fare will be offered

Breakfast at 8:00am to 9:00am
**ALL** Armor inspection begins at 9:00am

The following will begin at 10:00:

  • Support your troop in the Grand Melee.
  • Take place in a foul food fight in the tavern with your rapier comrades and competitors.
  • The youth are encouraged to support their countrymen with their skills of combat.
  • Let the arrows fly to capture the best sheep in the herd to keep us warm for next year. We will also offer you the chance to advance your Kingdom Scores in an IKAC round.
  • We challenge the artisans of our River Valley to make a sheep for the "Anything Goes" A&S competition. Table will be set in the Feast Hall for all to see your submissions!


  • Class by Marie "Vinegar Making"
    Fund raiser lunch at 12:00pm
    Following lunch at 1:00
    Let the most courageous of the Realm participate in a great sword tourney.

    2:00 Class by Eugenie Griffon de Seleone "Beginning Herbs"
    3:00 Class by Baroness Isolde die Graue "European Dances"

    5:00 (ish) Court

    Feast to follow:

    Revel to follow feast ***Featuring live musicians!!!!
    Weather permitting Drumming will commence outside!

    Deborah of Haleshaven
    mka Debbie Yates
    ariamaji@gmail.com Location:
    Barony of Seleone (Biloxi, Mississippi)