National Public Radio Airs Feature Story on Pennsic 32

NPR: "Only A Game" is the title of a weekly sports program, produced by Boston University Public Radio station WBUR. Today's edition of the show features Pennsic War 32, with interviews and coverage of two major battles. WBUR Reporter Karen Given borrowed Elizabethan garb and visited Pennsic 32, interviewing fighters from kingdoms including the Middle Kingdom, Ealdormere, Aethelmearc, and Calontir, and also a Tuchux warrior.

Given starts with a basic explanation of the SCA and Pennsic, but focuses on the battlefield, in keeping with the Only A Game show's theme of sporting competition. The report covers the Bridge Battle and the Field Battle.

The link above goes to a page containing not only the audio archive, but also photos taken by the NPR team on site.

For those who wish to order a tape of the show, the order form is here:

Editor's Note: If following the link to listen to the story online, start playing the segment at about 39:55 into the program. The Pennsic segment runs about ten minutes in length.