[WES] Collegium Occidentalis

Collegium Occidentalis is comimg soon! Saturday, April 26 to be precise. Collegium will take place at the same site it did last spring: the Sierra Arden School, 890 Morse St., in Sacremento, CA.

Fun and challenging classes are planned! Here's just a few of the classes being offered:

  • How to do a feast on a shoestring budget, by Mistress Rowan
  • Tourney camping by John de la Torre
  • Consorting 101 by Countess Etaine, and
  • Classical Philosophy in the Renaissance by Barone Antonio (and I can say from experience that this Excellency's classes are always great! :-) )

A number of Her Majesty Mari's Queen's Artisans will also be sharing their research, including:

  • Veronica da Lugano on the History and Performance of 3 John Dowland lute songs
  • Flidais ni Eitigen on period bone artifacts
  • Anna de Serra on Trionfi de Zuccharo (16th C sugarpaste sculpture)
  • Leah Raedaelf of Pagham on period musical notation
  • Ghislaine d'Auxerre on "Lot Books", and
  • Kathryn de Langelia's research and experimentation with the needlework seen on the Elenor of Toledo dress (cutting edge research, folks!)

And much much more, including a scribal track!

Collegium is a fun event, filled with opportunites to share what you've been working on to improve your SCA experiance. :-) Come, play, and learn! Location:
Shire of Betony Wood (Sacramento, California)