[LOC] Innilgard Baronial Changeover

Innilgard Baronial Changeover (Adelaide, South Australia) Friday 25th to Sunday 27th of April 2008.

Friday - Explore Adelaide, possible fighter training, finish with Evening Revel
Saturday - Divestiture Revel (daytime), Investiture Feast (evening)
Sunday - Baronial Championship Tournament

Bookings are required for the Feast and if requiring the catered lunch on Saturday. Please book with Dawn Jones. If you require billeting, please advise the bookings officer with at least one week's notice.

Friday Evening Revel
Come and meet up with everyone on Friday evening at the house of Baroness Blodeuwedd y Gath for an informal revel. There will be a charcoal fired BBQ; please BYO drinks and meat. Extra chairs if convenient would be appreciated.

Location - 5 Devon St, Mile End, from 5pm. Please note - garb is optional.

Divestiture of Baron Drake Morgan and Baroness Blodeuwedd y Gath of Innilgard.
On Saturday, 26th of April, Drake Morgan and Blodeuwedd y Gath step down as Baron and Baroness of Innilgard. Join with them to celebrate in a day of tournament, games, dancing, music and revelry, in the stunning beauty of the Stockade gardens. Come dance by the waterfall, sing in the secluded gardens, play games upon the lawns and fight in the green arena.

There will be a Challenge Pas D'arms tournament, with a prize given to the combatant those who take to the field deem to have been the most chivalric on the day.

There will be a catered picnic lunch, with booking preference given to interstate visitors. Lunch is $5 per head; please advise if requiring lunch when booking.

PLEASE NOTE - SCA time will not apply to this event. There is a wedding at this site later in the day, so the timetable must be followed.

For any further queries, please contact the steward Lady Anne of Lincoln on sueannl@internode.on.net

10am - armour inspection and site set up
10.45 - lists open
10.55 - lists close
11.00 - challenge Pas d'arms tournament begins, games begin
12.30 - lunch
1 pm - Court of their Majesties, King Berengar and Queen Bethan, incorporating the last court of Baron Drake and Baroness Blodeuwedd.
1.30 - end of court and dancing begins
2.10 - pack up begins.

Site: The Stockade Botanical Garden, Howard Rd, Northfield (turn off Grand Junction Rd onto Briens Rd, Howard Rd is the fourth on the right.)

Investiture Feast
To celebrate the Investiture of a new Baron and Baroness of Innilgard.
When: 26th April 2008, Hall Opens 5 pm
Where: Klemzig Community Hall, O.G. Rd, Klemzig, South Australia.
Cost: $25 members, $30 non-members, please contact Steward for child and family rates.

Steward: Micheline de Lyons (Michelle James).

Baron's Championship Tourney (Sunday) To be advised. Details will be posted as soon as possible. Location:
Barony of Innilgard (Adelaide, South Australia)