[ANT] 34th Annual Egils Skallagrimsson Memorial Tournament

So--please join us at the 34th Annual Egils Skallagrimsson Memorial Tournament, May 25-28, 2008, in the charming and friendly Barony of Adiantum! (That's Eugene, Oregon).

This year, we're focused on FUN! New STUFF! Messy CRAFTS! Silly ARCHERY SHOOTS! A new site layout! Great LOOT! A killer fun BARDIC!

And if you preregister, we're giving you a discount!! Why? Cuz it's less paperwork at the gate, and we can plan ahead, that's why.

For complete information, come visit our website at www.egils.org. It's worth a visit, just to peek inside the brains of Duke Amalric and Dame Fearga when they write a website at 2 in the morning...

Or, pester the Autocrats! HL Alysaundre Welden d'Ath, who's crazy enough to do it another year, can be contacted at ahauglan AT gmail DOT com. and Dame Karis Jessica Pursey, who thought she'd retired from all that autocratting stuff, can be contacted at karisia2002 AT yahoo DOT com.

This message brought to you by The Tatertot Rebellion! Location:
Barony of Adiantum (Eugene, Oregon)