[WES] Palatine Barony of the Far West Coronet Tournament

“BEWARE THE IDE’s OF APRIL for if YOU still wield the sword of the Palatine Baron of the Far West thou shalt perish!” THUS SETH THE GODS! Hearing this, and having sated his blood lust at Estrella, Baron Vail wisely laid aside his sword and decided to hold an Arts and Sciences Coronet Tournament on the 12th of April to select his replacement.

All Far West artisans are invited to compete for the coronet by entering their 5 best creations finished within the borders of the Far West using quill, brush, needle, etc. etc. anything but swords. ALL ARTISANS are invited to apply immediately to enter this tournament to Baron Vail and Baroness Marixsa at FWCoronet@yahoo.com.

Site Information: Tama Hills Military Recreation Center, site opens at 1500 Friday 11 April 2008 and closes at 1100 13 April 2008 Site fees, $10.00 or 1050 Yen for everyone (non-member surcharge is waived for the Far West) cash only. Limited single lodge rooms are already reserved, email friarjak@yahoo.com for reservations.

Autocrat: Katherine d'Aquitaine (Katherine Bramley) Tokyo, Japan; crimsongriffin28@yahoo.ca

Directions: See http://www.374th-services.org/page.php?62 for a map and directions to the site. We are in cabin 311 which is the first cabin to the left as you enter Tama Hills Military Recreation Center. Be sure to have your military ID card, passport, or Japanese Citizen ID card to enter. If you are non-military, you will be met at the gate by an SCA military member who will sign-in for you.

http://www.geocities.com/baronyofarwest/events.html Location:
Val De Draco (Tokyo, Japan)