Drachenwald Crown List and Consorts announced

Their Majesties Sven and Jovi of the Kingdom of Drachenwald have announced the names of the participants and their consorts for the upcoming Crown Tournament. The Tournament will take place April 11-13, 2008 in the Shire of Turmstadt, Bavaria, Germany.

Their Majesties write:

Greetings from your King and Queen!

It is with great expectations we announce the participants in this Our spring Crown list.

In no particular order and without titles the couples in the tournament are;

  • Barobrand Hisgard fighting for Odendisa Bragisdottir

  • Matthias de Flintbeke fighting for Regina de Flintbeke

  • ThorvaldR Skegglauss fighting for Fiona Wiggins

  • Vitus Polonius fighting for Eleanora von Ratzeburg

  • Hákon Úlfs son fighting for Magdelena Grace Vane

  • Tibald von Dijion fighting for Ailitha de Ainwyck

  • Johan Magnusson Kivisuo fighting for Jaelle of Armida

  • Gerhardt von Wüstenburg fighting for Judith de Northumbria

  • Ivan Paskiainen fighting for and being fought for by Dorothea Weberin

  • Jakob Winkelmann von Söhren fighting for Gunnhild von Brunswik

The tournament will be fought in the now traditional way of a round robin with a final between the two fighters with most wins. In case second and third place fighters have equal amount of wins a semi final between them will be fought etc. and double kills will be re-fought.

We look forward to knowing whom Our heirs are but feel comfort in all of the couples presented, whomever is victorius we are certain that Our Kingdom will be well taken care of.

Sven and Jovi, R&R