Ancient Colchester South Gate discovered

Archaeologists believe that they have discovered part of the South gate of the Roman wall at Colchester, Britain's oldest Roman town. The wall was destroyed in 1818.

Experts believe that the old Roman wall had been updated during the Middle Ages, and hope to learn more about both the Roman and medieval constructions.

Please can I have our gate back

I lived on the site of the South gate, the wall was clearly visible in the cellar. I would be interested to know more about the function of the gate, and any outline plans of that quarter.

I was in that building during the war, and sold it c 1970. The pictures I have of the front now look very sad. It really was a pleasant Dickensian type of shop before the front was ripped out.

I would be thrilled to obtain a photo of it when it was a milliner's shop.

William R Benham ( I think there's another WRB in town, but apart from being older, I'm in Texas, so we shouldn't get muddled.)