SCA Knight to seek elected office in the modern world

Sir Galen of Bristol, an SCA Knight resident in the Middle Kingdom, has announced that he will be an independent candidate for the Illinois state legislature.

Before moving to the Midrealm, Sir Galen also had a long career in Ansteorra. On his web site, he writes:

In my 20 years as an SCA knight, I've spent a lot of time reflecting on the meaning of knighthood, the responsibilities of chivalry, and just where to draw the line between seeking to live my ideals in the SCA and living them 24/7.

It seems to me that unless you're incorporating the ideals of chivalry into your "real" life, your non-SCA regular life, then what you do in the SCA is just an act. That may make it easier, but it certainly makes it less real.

And it seems to me also that the primary duty of a knight, of anyone who tries to live up to the code of chivalry, is to defend the weak.

In the SCA, it's pretty much taboo in most times and places to discuss mundane politics, and that's probably as it should be.

But I've come to the conclusion that a set of circumstances which have arisen which compel me to seek elective office in the State of Illinois. I am going to be an independent candidate for State Representative, in the 62nd district.