Youngest Recipient of Grant Level Equestrian Award in An Tir

The Shire of Earnrokke's own Lord Giraldus Evienece was awarded the Lion et de la Lance, a Grant level Equestrian award of An Tir at the Youth Allthing February 23, 2008 in the Shire of Midhaven. Giraldus is now the youngest recipient of a Grant Level award for the Equestrian Arts in An Tir and perhaps in the Known World.

He was recommended for this award by many of the prominent equestrians of An Tir. During the ceremony, Her Majesty noted that she knew he helped out at equestrian events for set up, take down, and ground crew. Also, she had heard he was a great horseman, because he had won the Championship of the First Emprise of the Sable Rose riding against over a dozen of the finest adult equestrians of An Tir. He was inspired by his sister, Ximena La Mareschale.

HL Giraldus is the son of THL Agelos Evienece, former Kingdom Equestrian Officer of both Caid (1995)and of An Tir (2004-6) and of THL Donwenna La Mareschale, former Society Equestrian Officer. Both parents are premier Companions of the Lance of St. Anne, the famous mounted military equestrian company. There is no doubt that he has doubly inherited equestrian abilities. Additionally, Giraldus was willed a set of spurs by the legendary equestrian Viscount Sir Jerald of Galloway, who died in September of 2007. Sir Jerald mentored Giraldus and recognized his potential. He would have been proud.

THL Giiraldus

That's my boy!

Pictures of Giraldus and warhorse, Valerius

Giraldus is 16 years old and has been a paid member of the SCA since his birth. For pictures of him riding his warhorse, Valerius go here

Donwenna La Mareschale


Perhaps I missed something, but I have not been able to determine His Lordship's age.

THL Colb'an the Lutemaker "Music touches feelings that words cannot"


Giraldus is 16 years old. ;'> Donwenna La Mareschale