Outlands wins in the 2007 IKAC

Lord Tyr von Wolfsberg reports that the Kingdom of the Outlands was the overall winner in the 2007 Interkingdom Archery Competition.

Lord Tyr von Wolfsberg writes:

OUTLANDS WINS!!!! in the InterKingdom Archery Competition!

As creatively excerpted from the desk of the IKAC scorekeeper in the Kingdom of the East.

It was announced that with final scores in, the Kingdom of the Outlands wins in two of four divisions of the InterKingdom Archery Competition (IKAC)!! This is the first time that the Outlands has taken both Period Handbow AND Period Crossbow. The kingdom score is determined by the average of its three highest scorers. As you will see below the Sharparrows (AIR) and Golden Pheons (CGP) have done their Kingdom proud! In the Open Crossbow division, the Outlands came in a close second. A special note from the Period Crossbow division. Our three archers were the top 3 scores in the Known World!

The following archers were the high scorers in their respective divisions:

  • Known World Winners - Period Handbow
    THL Karl the Piper AIR
    Sir Rand the Tracker AIR
    Lord Tyr von Wolfsberg

  • Known World Winners - Period Crossbow
    Master Daffyd of Emmett AIR
    THL Karl the Piper AIR
    THL Ingvarr Halvarson AIR

  • Open Crossbow
    THL Karl the Piper AIR
    Sir Ramon the Chronologer CGP
    Tomas Halvar

  • Open Handbow
    THL Karl the Piper AIR
    Lady Mary Champernowne CGP
    THL Ian MacRae AIR

Congrats to all of these archers. Crosspost this message as you see fit.