[ART] Barony of Sentinels' Keep Arts and Sciences Competition and Rapier Tournament

War is over! (at least for another year) As our fighters make their way home and slowly nurse their wounds and heal their aches; consorts, family and friends entertain themselves with various projects of the arts and sciences nature. Many days (and nights) have been filled with spinning and weaving, hammering and polishing, scribing and painting, boiling and baking, stitching and b-----ing? (blush)

Now it is time for all clans, tribes and families to come together in the valley of the Keep on the banks of the Five Rivers to celebrate the coming of SPRING.

It is time to be PROUD and display the fruits of our labors. It is time to proclaim one among us as "Champion of the Arts and Sciences of the Barony of Sentinels' Keep"! Everyone is welcome to bring A&S items to be displayed and judged but only a member of the Barony will be declared `Baronial Champion'. Anyone wishing to become the Champion must enter a minimum of 4 entries from 2 grand categories. We will follow the Kingdom of Artemisia rules and judging criteria. But be cheered? there will also be "Overall Champion", "Populace Choice" and "Novice" awards that are open to all. And wait? there's more! There will be special prizes too! (Contact MoAS for more details, forms, etc.)

It is also time to be entertained by the prowess and cunning of those who practice the art of the duel and rejoice as one is proclaimed "Rapier Champion of Sentinels' Keep"! ALL are welcome to enter!

Challenge from the Reigning Champion?
Let it be heard throughout the kingdom and the world; Spring Feast Holds the Baronial Rapier Champion Tourney and I, Senor Diego de la Mar, the current reigning Champion of The Barony of Sentinels' Keep, Challenge one and all with the guts to lift steel and show what sort of courage runs through their veins to attend that it may decided who will reign for one year as my rightful successor. As the Champion I am granted the right to decide the new tourney and thus I have decided to reveal the format of the contest not until those who would reign present themselves upon my battlefield, as surprise is my prerogative. If you would know, if you would seize the day and make it your own, I'll be there waiting.
~Senor Diego de la Mar~

It is time to feast and to bring your best and tasty dishes to share with the appreciative populace. We may not proclaim you a `Feast Champion' but we will claim you `Friend'! (See Feast planning information below)

It is a time to barter and purchase lovely items brought from far and wide for our now legendary `Arts and Sciences Auction' and also from our supportive and clever vendors. Thank you in advance for bringing your generous donation of items suitable for use in the SCA. (And don't forget your money pouches either!)

But all may not be as quiet and restful as one may wish for?be forewarned! And please, do not stray too far from the baronial enclosure?

March 22, 2008 Saturday 10:00 am to 11:00 pm Missoula KOA Community meeting room

Site Fee-$5.00 ($3.00 surcharge for non SCA members) includes a light lunch. Children under 12 are half price.

Feast Fee-All Barony members to provide a dish that will feed at least 10 people. All out of town visitors may provide a dish if they would like or pay a Feast Fee of $10.00 (Feast Hall is limited to 60 diners)

All checks will be payable to BSK SCA. Inc.

Feast and Kitchen Crew coordinator---Lady Ygrainne _lexiemarie@montana.com_ (mailto:lexiemarie@montana.com)

Rapier Tournament---Senor Diego de la Mar-Warranted Rapier Marshal _rapierfighter@hotmail.com_ (mailto:rapierfighter@hotmail.com)

A &S Competition---Lady Vigdis MoAS, 406-549-6536 (message machine) or VLJ1930@... and Mistress Iduna Current Baronial A&S Champion

Children's Activities---HE Deirdre of Kerry _deirdre_alice@yahoo.com_ (mailto:deirdre_alice@yahoo.com)

Feast Recipe Planning meeting---Alphabetical dish assignments will be made from the categories of meat, starch, veggie, sweet. Contact Lady Ygrainne for more information.

Event Steward---Lady Vigdis _VLJ1930@aol.com_ (mailto:VLJ1930@aol.com)

For Gold Key: Castellan---Dederick of Huntington, 406-721-8820 or _archer1229@aol.com_ (mailto:archer1229@aol.com)

Missoula KOA 3450 Tina Avenue Missoula, MT 59808 _http://www.missoulakoa.com/_ (http://www.missoulakoa.com/) Ph: 1-406-549-0881 or 1-800-562-5366 (Toll Free) Fax: 1-406-541- 0884 Location:
Barony of Sentinels' Keep (Missoula, Montana)