[EAL] Lycanthropy in the Middle Ages

On Wednesday March 26 at 7:30PM, the Canton of Petrea Thule will be hosting a lecture and discussion on Lycanthropy in the Middle Ages as presented by Mr. Derek Newman-Stille, MA who is the Senior Tutor of Otonabee and Traill Colleges of Trent University.

His talk will include the characteristics of lycanthropy in literature of the middle ages along with how werewolves are described in literature and depicted in art. The discussion will be located in Room 102 of Wallis Hall in Traill College in the downtown Peterborough campus of Trent University. There is no cost for this lecture, just show up. Please RSVP to the seneschal, Lady Mahhild de Valognes (Valerie West) at vwest@cogeco.ca if you are planning on attending. There are also several excellent local pubs to retire to after the lecture for a pint or two after (while always remembering to be responsible drivers too!).

Directions from Toronto:
* Take Highway 401 east to Highway 35/115 * Follow Highway 115 north * At Peterborough, exit at The Parkway * Continue on The Parkway until it ends at Clonsilla Avenue (3-way intersection) * Turn right (east) at Clonsilla Avenue * Clonsilla Avenue will become Charlotte Street * Turn left at Reid Street * Continue north to London Street and turn right onto London Street * Parking is on the south (right) side of the street in the lot between two large houses (Langton and Bradburn Houses) at the top of the hill * Entry to Wallis Hall is through the middle doors on the east side of the building (down the main stairs) - Signs will be posted on campus

Google Maps to "310 London Street, Peterborough, ON" will bring up the specific location. Location:
Canton of Petrea Thule (Peterborough, Ontario)