Order of the White Gate fighter tutorials online

Anna de Byxe has discovered a selection of tutorial films designed to teach fighting techniques on the Order of the White Gate website. The short films are rated to allow users to build on their expertise.

From the website:

It contains small films with basic instructions over how to do different techniques! Remember that this is an art, not an exact science, so some techniques could be different from what you are used with, or what you have learned earlier, The ones shown here, works fine for the fighter that describes them, but are not guarantied [sic] to work for you! The basic idea is to give you a perspective over how other people do different techniques, not say that right and wrong!

Film categories include:

  • Sword And shield
  • Two Weapons
  • Polearms
  • Great Weapons
  • Spear
  • Misc Films
  • Fencing
  • Combat Archery
  • Funny Films